MSD Darts Challenge: These Men Were Right on Target

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Divisions from SCDF and SPF battled it out in the Most Supportive Division Darts Challenge.

In March, 85 Home Team NSmen across 15 divisions pitted their marksmanship against one another at the Most Supportive Division (MSD) Darts Challenge.

Held at Wiser Sports Bar in the HomeTeamNS-JOM Balestier clubhouse, this year’s competition featured two new game types: the 501 and Cricket.
Any given leg of the game featured just two active players from each team.

The challenge was won by Protective Security Command (ProCom), while the A and J Divisions claimed the next two podium finishes. Guest of honour SAC Lee Chin Ek, Assistant General Secretary, HomeTeamNS Management Committee, presented the winners with their prizes.

Meanwhile, family members who showed up to cheer on the competitors got to attend a sports-themed carnival that was held on the same day.

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