Helping To Save Lives and Embracing Motherhood At The Same Time

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Motherhood has not stopped Salmon Law from bravely volunteering with SCDF’s Civil Defence Auxiliary Unit.

For most women, playing multiple roles as wife, mother and daughter while juggling work commitments can be daunting enough. Few would agree to take on more responsibilities. Not Salmon Law, though.

The young mum – who works as a training and development executive – did not hesitate to continue volunteering with SCDF’s Civil Defence Auxiliary Unit (CDAU) after she gave birth to her daughter Ferlynn.

In appreciation of her dedication, SCDF was happy to cater to the needs of the new mother. Instead of her usual fire-fighting duties, Law, who is both a trained firefighter and paramedic, temporarily took on less physically strenuous tasks such as public education and outreach. Her first-hand experience with saving lives as a CDAU volunteer enlivened her sharing sessions.

Have you heard about Everyday (Her)oes?

Being a young mother is challenging, but Law makes it work through keen time management and setting priorities. While she used to volunteer at CDAU together with her husband, they now take turns so that one of them can be at home to look after their daughter.

With her passion for civil defence and her ability to juggle multiple roles with panache, Law certainly qualifies as a supermom. Here’s wishing all our supermum Home Team Volunteers a happy Mother’s Day!

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