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In the Limelight- All New Divisional Special Task Forces

Check out what the Divisional Special Task Forces are up to here.

In June last year, as part of the PNS Master Plan, our Land Divisions’ PNSmen were reorganised as Divisional Special Task Forces (DSTF). Making troop-level recalls for training and deployment have strengthened camaraderie across and between ranks, improved command, and increased our LandDivisions’ capacity to fi ght crime and tackle security challenges. Feedback from PNSmen has been positive – being trusted by their TLs strengthens their purpose.


‘D’ Division’s DSTF has directly contributed to a decline in shop theft rates. Its officers have frequently been First Responders, and many ground situations have been handled without Regular support. Crime rates and response times have decreased by 29 per cent from the previous year.

…being trusted by their TLS strengthens (our PNSmen’s) purpose.

One notable case on 7 June was handled by its DSTF 6 during foot patrol at VivoCity as part of Mall Patrol anti-crime operations. A Theft-in-Dwelling complainant approached the officers, who immediately took action. They swiftly located and arrested the suspect, recovering merchandise with similar descriptions to lost/stolen reports by multiple VivoCity shops earlier that day.


At the Geylang Serai Bazaar, where deployment fully comprises PNSmen, the DSTF provides a formal structure in which PNSmen can publicly demonstrate their leadership. SC/SGT1 Muhammad Arithzuan Ahman of ‘G’ Division was leading a patrol in June when he saw two large groups of people approaching each other in a threatening manner. Knowing things could quickly deteriorate, he led his team to intervene. “We saw that things were getting rowdy, so we proactively engaged them and instructed them to disperse,” he says.

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