LTA (NS) Oo Jun Hao: A leader in the making

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LTA (NS) Oo Jun Hao’s consistent and exemplary performance led to an unexpected promotion in SCDF.


LTA (NS) Oo Jun Hao vividly remembers the moment he informed his family that he had been made a lieutenant in the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). “They were very proud of me as I am the first officer in the family,” shares the 35-year-old, who completed his FTNS as a SGT. The promotion, which took effect last July, was a recognition of his commitment to lifelong learning—LTA (NS) Oo entered the Force with an Institute of Technical Education (ITE) certificate but went on to pursue a diploma and degree after his ORD. “This shows that SCDF values a good attitude and competence, and will provide opportunities for its men to move upwards.”


LTA (NS) Oo has consistently demonstrated leadership qualities throughout his NS journey. As an NSF, he was posted to the SCDF Provost Unit, where he completed his course receiving commendation as Best Trainee. He was then deployed to the SCDF HQ, where he helped to maintain discipline and order within the premises. He was subsequently appointed as the guard commander to assist the RSM in managing the HQ provost unit.

LTA (NS) Oo reported for In-Camp Training (ICT) as section commander in charge of area management at the 3rd Division MRT Shelter Unit. He stood in as covering CSM during his second ICT and, having demonstrated leadership qualities, was appointed as CSM.


LTA (NS) Oo’s experiences at SCDF have given him a stronger understanding of leadership at different levels. When he was a SGT, he was responsible for his men and their operations. But as he rose through the ranks during ORNS — from SSG (NS) to WO(1) (NS) to WO(2) (NS) — he managed operations and workflows that impacted the entire organisation. “Now as a senior officer, I will assume even more responsibilities. But I am confident that my past experiences, and the support of my leaders and teammates, will help me fulfil my role competently,” says LTA (NS) Oo, currently Deputy Commander of ‘D’ Coy, 32 Public Shelter & Resilience Unit.


LTA (NS) Oo has received various accolades over the years, including Home Team NSman of the Year in 2017, and a Letter of Commendation (NSmen) for delivering the top 10 per cent IPPT performance of 2009 and 2014. Here are his tips for success:

NATIONAL SERVICE: “Treat it like a real job and learn as much as you can. It might even give you an idea of what kind of career you want to pursue. There are plenty of skills you pick up that will come in handy in the working world.”

IPPT: “Three months before each IPPT, I run twice a week and aim to finish each session faster than the previous one. It helps to jio (invite) your family members or friends along for these runs, so that the 2.4km journey is less lonely.”

“When I heard about Jun Hao’s emplacement as a LTA, I felt very happy for him. His leadership style as a CSM brought the different platoons together as a cohesive unit, despite their different backgrounds. His charismatic personality makes him approachable to his subordinates and helps build a healthy unit culture. I’m proud of his achievement.”

MAJ Muhammad Azharin Bin Mohamed,
32 PSRU Company Commander, on his emplacement achievement.

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