A Peek Into The Roles of Our Police National Servicemen

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Police National Service is integral to home front security, not just during peacetime but also in a national emergency.

Police National Service (PNS) represents a critical aspect of home front security. During peacetime, the majority of PNS officers undertake frontline operational roles similar to that of regular personnel in day-to-day operations. In times of a national emergency, PNS enables the Singapore Police Force to meet the enhanced operational needs, including protracted deployment of resources.

Ang Mo Kio Police Division, also known as Foxtrot Division, is a land division that has police jurisdiction over the estates of Ang Mo Kio, Hougang, Serangoon, Sengkang and Punggol. With such a large area to police, operationally ready Police National Servicemen (PNSmen) are key in supporting Ang Mo Kio Police Division’s daily operations.

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PNSmen can be recalled for duty up to 40 days a year. Generally, a Foxtrot PNSman recalled for his in-camp training first undergoes refresher training, which includes re-certification of his policing skills such as shooting, the use of a police baton and first aid, followed by operational duties.

Foxtrot PNSmen also participate in Home Team sporting activities. In doing so, a strong camaraderie is forged among the PNSmen, which in turn enhances the Division Special Task Force (DSTF) concept, as PNSmen are deployed as a DSTF team to fight crimes such as shop thefts and scams. Selected PNSmen are also given the chance to take charge of their DSTF team and lead fellow PNSmen during patrols. They also reach out to the community by educating people on the latest scams and crime prevention tips.

To help the Foxtrot PNSmen foster a strong bond and interact with fellow DSTF officers in an informal setting, they are treated to a cohesion day filled with interesting activities. Three cheers to Foxtrot and Family!

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