This Hero Changes Lives by Befriending Prison Inmates

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Friendship goals – As a befriender with Singapore Prison Service, Iqbal Nasron helps inmates to reintegrate into society.

In Singapore, many offenders lack a network of positive peers and family members to help support them in their reintegration into society after incarceration.

This is where the Singapore Prison Service’s befriender programme – which sees volunteers offering moral support to inmates in prison as well as after their release – is beneficial.

One such volunteer is Iqbal Nasron (extreme left in image above), who has been a befriender for close to three years. The executive at the Home Team Academy finds meaning in helping inmates to transition from life in prison to that in the community.

Seeing the positive impact he has made on the inmates is rewarding for Iqbal, who also mentors new befrienders.

On a lighter note, Iqbal also enjoys football sessions with his befriendees. The avid football and futsal player also invites released inmates to games, as he feels that this helps to build stronger bonds between people – a testament to the power of sports.

Pay it forward – Studies have shown that volunteering can lead to people feeling more socially connected. As the Greek philosopher Aristotle once said: “The essence of life is to serve others and do good.”

So why wait? Volunteer with the Home Team today!