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HomeTeamNS’s Upcoming Waterfront Haven in the East

Last November saw HomeTeamNS marking another milestone with the groundbreaking ceremony of HomeTeamNS Bedok.


Come 2021, HomeTeamNS members and their families can look forward to an exciting and thrilling time, sliding down Singapore’s longest indoor water slide at the Indoor Water Adventure facility of the HomeTeamNS Bedok clubhouse.

Guest of Honour Mr K Shanmugam, Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Law, and Chairman of the Board of Governors of HomeTeamNS, unveiled the exciting features of the club at the groundbreaking ceremony on 1 November 2019.

Nestled within Bedok Reservoir Park, the clubhouse will integrate seamlessly with the lush greenery of the park and offer first-of-its-kind concept villas, equipped with their own sheltered barbecue pits and roof terraces. The villas will provide a perfect retreat for Home Team NSmen and their families and friends.

The 14,500sqm four-storey clubhouse will house the Indoor Water Adventure facility, equipped with a 374-foot indoor water slide; a 278-foot water slide tunnel decorated with LED rainbows, dot patterns and shooting lights; as well as a unique wet obstacle rope course.

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To further meet the fitness and entertainment needs of its members, other facilities such as a gym, infinity pool and banquet hall with a capacity of 400 people will also be available.

Members can enjoy exclusive spaces specially designed for social gatherings, such as a members-only lounge and mancaves.

Like HomeTeamNS Khatib, which is due to open this year, the Bedok clubhouse will also champion environmental sustainability with green innovations. The use of solar panels and naturally ventilated floor spaces, as well as rainwater harvesting, are some of the environment-friendly features.

“[Home Team NSmen volunteers] have worked hard to make the Bedok clubhouse as visitor-friendly and also as exciting as can be,” shared DSP (NS) Jim Tan from the Singapore Police Force and AC Kadir Maideen from the Singapore Civil Defence Force. They are the Co-Chairmen of the HomeTeamNS Development Committee. “We hope that it will become a natural go-to spot for Home Team NSmen and their families to relax and bond.”

The dazzling new clubhouse will serve more than 40,000 Home Team NSmen who reside in the east.

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Check out the exclusive perks and benefits we have for our HomeTeamNS members in celebration of the inaugural Home Team Day 2024!
15th March 2024
12:21 PM

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