SOC PO Troops to be Implemented by 2023

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Public Order Troops – seen here undergoing fire-confidence training – will be fully implemented by 2023

The inaugural batch of Special Operations Command Public Order (PO) Troops will be formed by September 2018, and the unit will be fully implemented by 2023.

Made up of PNSFs and PNSmen, it is trained to handle incidents such as riots safely and effectively. PO Troops are equipped with a full set of protective gear, which is used to handle any rioter who comes their way. This includes a helmet, arm and shin protectors, fire retardant attire, gloves, boots and a tactical shield.

PO Troops endure tough training everyday, having to wear protective gear and train tirelessly for many hours under the hot sun. The training also encompasses fire confidence whereby petroleum bags, which simulate Molotov cocktails, are thrown at them.

The rigorous challenges of this unit call upon only the fittest National Servicemen to meet its physical demands.

Upon completion of their full-time National Service, the officers will be recalled to perform anti-crime patrols and public order deployments.

When asked if they are prepared to be called on in the event of terrorist attacks, the officers said that they are confident in their training and abilities to handle such crises. The officers know that their lives are at stake when dealing with such crises. However, they understand it is a job that needs to be done in ensuring the safety and security of Singapore.

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