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CSI-Worthy: How Singapore Police Force Forensics Specialists use cutting-edge technologies to solve crimes

Their high-tech tools include 3D scanners that help recreate crime scenes and a mixed reality system deployed to train officers.

Their high-tech tools include 3D scanners that help recreate crime scenes and a mixed reality system deployed to train officers.


Cutting-edge technology has revolutionised criminal investigations, providing law enforcement with powerful tools to unravel complex cases. Advanced forensic techniques, including DNA analysis and digital forensics, enable investigators to establish links and solve crimes more efficiently.

This is certainly the case at the Singapore Police Force (SPF), where our Forensic Specialists utilise cutting-edge technology to capture detailed and accurate visual representations of a crime scene, thereby assisting Investigation Officers in their work. Here are some modern tools, as revealed in this SPF Police Life Magazine article, that bolster law enforcement’s capabilities.


3D laser scanners enhance crime scene documentation by swiftly capturing precise spatial information. Emitting lasers to form point clouds, which comprise millions of data points, these scanners generate digital replicas of crime scenes. Today, Forensic Specialists deploy a suite of 3D laser scanners, each tailored to specific working distances, to comprehensively document scenes.

Terrestrial 3D laser scanners are used to document general crime scenes, and are equipped to capture an entire football field-sized scene in a single scan through strategic positioning.

Terrestrial 3D laser scanner
A terrestrial 3D laser scanner mounted on a tripod to document a mock scene.

Complementing these are handheld 3D laser scanners that navigate obstructed areas beyond the reach of terrestrial scanners. In addition, there are also high-resolution 3D laser scanners that capture intricate details. The data generated from each laser scanner can be amalgamated into a holistic dataset, revealing everything from information about general scenes to minute details. This contributes to more efficient investigations by reducing reliance on manual measurement methods, minimising evidence disturbance, and facilitating forensic reconstruction.


Developed in collaboration with the Home Team Science and Technology Agency’s (HTX’s) Human Factors & Simulation Centre of Expertise, the Mixed Reality Training System employs an innovative training approach. By superimposing virtual evidence such as weapons and bloodstain patterns onto real world set ups, the system allows trainees to practise processing scenes through the lenses of mixed reality goggles. This technique enables bloodstain pattern recognition capabilities, ensuring a more productive training outcome.

The adoption of advanced technology not only revolutionises crime scene processing but also significantly enhances training methods for Forensic Specialists. This undoubtedly represents an extraordinary leap forward in forensic investigations and training within the law enforcement community.

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