CPL (NS) Muhammad Hafiz reveals how running has helped him overcome challenges

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CPL (NS) Muhammad Hafiz bin Ibrahim underscores the benefits of running and how it helps in his line of duty at the SCDF.


From his athletic build and confident posture, it’s hard to tell that Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) firefighter CPL (NS) Muhammad Hafiz bin Ibrahim was once an inactive young man during his polytechnic days.

“I was leading a sedentary lifestyle and only started picking up sports before I enlisted for National Service [NS],” says Hafiz, who is currently deployed at the Tampines Fire Station.

Having completed an obstacle course race, he now runs around 3km four times a week at various locations, including Fort Canning, Bedok Reservoir, Pasir Ris Park, MacRitchie Reservoir and Jurong Lake Gardens. “I love running because I get to explore new places and terrains,” he says.

To date, he has taken part in four running events, including the HomeTeamNS REAL® Run and the SCDF’s NSTI Active Day. He says the self-confidence gained through sports has allowed him to take on new challenges in his firefighting duties.

“Tampines Fire Station is one of the SCDF’s six Hazmat stations, and I was the only one in my batch to get posted here,” he says.

“When I first arrived, I realised the learning curve was very steep, as we had to think and react quickly when attending to real-life incidents.

“Despite the fast-paced nature of the job, I remained optimistic and told myself that as I gained more experience, I will get better at my job.”

The regular drills and training sessions that are conducted during a typical duty have also helped to sharpen his competency and boosted his confidence when attending to calls.

As he plans to explore work opportunities in the aviation engineering sector after completing his NS, Hafiz says the positive mindset and skills that he has learnt through running and working in the SCDF will help him to overcome future career challenges.

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