Celebrating a decade

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Top row, from left: Senior Cadet Lieutenant Syazana Gonzaga from National Civil Defence Cadet Corps, Argus Tong from HTVN Secretariat, Ian Ng (Volunteer Manager) from Civil Defence Auxiliary Unit, Javier Ng from Anti-Drug Advocate Programme, Nur Farzana (Volunteer Manager) from Singapore Prison Service
Middle row, from left: Siti Nadhirah from Victim Care Cadre Programme, Gillian Ong from HTVN Secretariat, SGT(V) Jacqueling Chua from Civil Defence Auxiliary Unit, Lucas Tan from Citizens on Patrol
Bottom row, from left: Chong Teng Kok (Volunteer Manager from) Crime Prevention Ambassador, Yvonne Wang from HTVN Secretariat, Siti Nasyibah from HTVN Secretariat, Melvin Lim from Yellow Ribbon Project
HTVN would like to thank all the Home Team Volunteers for their support over the past decade. We have come a long way, and could not have done it without our volunteers, who may be ordinary people but on an extraordinary mission to help keep Singapore safe and secure.

The organisation boasts about 15,000 volunteers who work closely with Home Team Departments and perform a variety of functions, from enforcing the law and fighting fires to helping others stay drug-free or providing support for crime victims.


Visit mha.gov.sg/volunteers and volunteer.gov.sg/mha for more information about their volunteer schemes.

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