Shape Up

5 Dryland workouts for swimmers to boost your IPPT results

Out of the pool, Olympic swimmers such as Michael Phelps do these strength and conditioning exercises to maximise their performance. These tips are just in time for REAL Swim

DAC (NS) Mohammed Azhar bin Yusof explains how simple moves, combined with the use of equipment, can help you to achieve better IPPT results.

Shape Up

5 ways to improve your core strength and flexibility for IPPT success

No More ‘No Count’ – Five simple exercises to improve your sit-ups, push-ups and 2.4km run – and prep you for rock climbing!

Shape Up

IPPT Gold – Tips from DAC (NS) Mohammed Azhar bin Yusoff!

Getting Ship Shape for IPPT – Get your game face on with these tips! Inspirational example DAC (NS) Mohammed Azhar bin Yusof accepts no excuses.
Shape Up

5 easy warm-ups to get your day started

GET FIT FAST – Power up for the day ahead with these super-quick morning exercises that condition and energise both body and mind.

Shape Up

Who says working out is boring?


Don’t spend all your time pumping iron or hitting the treadmill. Switch it up with these enjoyable exercises and work your muscles in ways they have never been worked before!


Pilates combined with boxing gives you piloxing. This high energy interval training uses various items like weighted gloves and pilates blocks, and gives you a cardio and toning fix all in one. The workout also strengthens your core and improves flexibility while minimising damage to the joints. Expect to burn up to 1,200 calories during a one-hour workout.

GYM: HomeTeamNS Balestier Clubhouse
CLASS NAME: Piloxing


There’s nothing quite like bouncing around on a trampoline to whizz you back to your childhood days. But take a trampoline class today and you’ll realise it isn’t exactly child’s play. Designed to provide an intense workout with zero impact on your joints, trampolining on a small rebounder enhances your coordination and balance, and improves your lymphatic system to aid toxin release. All this in addition to the usual cardio burn and weight loss.

GYM: True Fitness
CLASS NAME: U-Bound® class

Dry Surfing

With Surfset classes, you mimic surfing movements, just without the water. It’s not just all posing on theunstable Ripsurfer X board, though. Yoga, pilates and traditional gym exercises are also performed on it, and this is a great way to improve your balance, coordination and focus. Surfset’s advanced classes focus on endurance and strength training, and a typical class could involve interval training, resistance training and circuit training.

GYM: Surfset Fitness

Superhero Challenge

Just in case you haven’t had enough of training as an NSman, you can check out the Hero Class at Fitness First. It is inspired by the physical tasks that the men and women of the civil defence forces perform. Yes, that means lifting and pulling training dummies, and climbing up and down a 3.7m-tall Throwdown structure to simulate search and rescue drills.

GYM: Fitness First Bugis Junction
CLASS NAME: Hero Class

Shape Up

Fast and Furious (HIIT in 10mins)




Feet hip-width apart, legs bent in squat position.2 Jump explosively, lengthening body and arms into the air.3 Land softly, adjust your position and repeat.


Get in a push-up position with wrists directly under shoulders and feet slightly apart. Bend left arm to bring the forearm on the mat, followed by the right arm.2 Straighten your left arm, then right arm, to return to starting push-up position.3 Repeat, alternating starting arm.



  1. Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, chest up, arms extended in front.
  2. Bend right knee and sit back as if doing a squat, and turn your
    torso towards the right. Maintain upright chest and forward-facing hips as you do this.
  3. Repeat on left side.



  1. Get in a push-up position with wrists directly under shoulders, legs straight
    and feet apart.
  2. Lift right foot and bring knee towards left shoulder.
  3. Return the leg to starting position, then bring the left leg towards the right shoulder.
  4. Alternate legs.



  1. Drop into a squat with hands on the ground. Kick back legs into pushup position.
  2. Jump feet back towards arms to squat position and explosively
    jump up, with arms straightened overhead.



  1. Start in a lunge position with right foot in front and left foot behind, with your left knee around 2cm from the floor.
  2. Jump straight up out of the lunge, switch your legs in mid-air, and land softly on your toes.
  3. Keep your front knee at a 90-degree angle. Try not to let it go past your toes as you repeat the move.


Get in shape at our gyms with personal instructors to help you correct your form and challenge your fitness level.
For more information, email us at: or give us a ring at: 6705-9473.
Shape Up

Tips to Execute the Perfect Deadlift



These must be relaxed and in front of the bar during set-up. This puts your shoulder blades above the mid-foot and bar, which prevent your knees from knocking the bar on your way up. Remember not to squeeze your shoulder blades; contract your lats instead – pretend you are squeezing oranges under your armpits.



Must be shoulder-width, vertical to the floor when looking from the front and inclined when looking from the side. Keep arms straight, and never pull with bent arms or you might risk injury to the biceps and elbows. Use a low-hand grip by holding the bar closer to your fingers, not in the middle of your palm, to reduce pain in the hands.



The bar must stay in contact with your legs when you lift, to protect your lower back. The bar should start against your shins during the set-up, and then almost be rolling over the shins and thighs to the top. Wear long socks to protect the shins



Deadlift with your neck neutral. Do not look up or at your feet. Look at a point on the floor in front of you instead, so that you’ll have a straight line from the top of your head to your hips throughout the movement.



No overarching or bending to prevent injury. If you tend to over-arch, contract your abs to maintain a neutral spine. Remember: Your back doesn’t lift the weight; it just keeps your spine neutral while your legs do the work.



Set up with the bar over your mid-foot, arms straight with a low-hand grip, knees bent until your shins touch the bar. Raise your chest in this position and your hips will be exactly where they should be. When doing the move, raise your hips and chest at the same time by pushing your feet through the floor.



Must be hip-width apart. Set up with the bar over the middle of your feet for better balance when you pull the weight up. Keep toes pointing about 15 degrees out. This makes it easier to push your knees out, which helps in engaging your groin muscles to deadlift more weight.


Perfect your deadlift and train with personal instructors who can work with you to achieve your training goals.
For more information, email us at: or give us a ring at: 6705-9473.

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Shape Up

Work That Body


Back Stretch (Flexibility)

Chilled-out dance moves require flexible muscles. Begin by lying down on the stomach with feet slightly apart. Place palms underneath shoulders. Lengthen through tailbone, and start to pull chest forward and up. Elbows close to the body, start to lengthen arms to any degree that feels good on the back. Look up slightly. Breathe here for at least three deep breaths. Do 5 reps.

Lunge With Twist (Core)

Build up your core. Stand with legs hip-width apart, hold a medicine ball in front of the chest. Step forward into a lunge with the right leg, then with extended arms, reach the medicine ball to the right, rotating the torso at the same time. Maintain the lunge and return to centre. Come to standing, then repeat on other side. Do 3 sets of 15 reps.

Jump Rope (Cardio)

Hip-hop uses explosive energy, and boosting cardiovascular health is important. This simple exercise is effective for improving bone strength, agility, coordination and endurance. The key is to do this every day to see the best results — 5 sets of 3 minutes each.

Push-Up (Chest)

Popping involves a lot of chest movements. And doing push-ups is the key to strengthening the chest. Get into a plank position with hands directly under shoulders, feet on the ground. Tighten core, glutes and hamstrings, and lower down, keeping neck in a neutral position. Draw shoulder blades back and down, and keep elbows close to body. Exhale and push back up. Do 5 sets of 20 reps.

Meet The Instructor

SGT (NS) Jamal bin Moideen, 43, assisted in creating this set of exercises. He is the instructor at HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok, and has been teaching for 20 years. His favourite type of exercise involves a combination of strength and cardio training. and he enjoys working with people of all fitness levels. For more information, email or call 6705-9473.




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