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These high-tech restaurants in Singapore will impress you


From robot waiters to cocktails dreamt up in a laboratory, technology has made dining in Singapore a whole lot more interesting.

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5 Cool High-Tech Food Trends To Look Forward To

These digital dining trends look set to make their mark on the future of food as we know it. 

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7 Hip & Halal Restaurants You Need to Try

Singapore’s halal dining scene has expanded, offering a range of cuisines and trendy concepts to foodies.

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9 quirky restaurants in Singapore that will surprise you

If you’re planning a dining experience to remember, head to a Tex-Mex restaurant on a quaint riverboat, or a fine-dining eatery set in a futuristic biodome.

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7 family-friendly eateries to visit for a relaxing communal meal


Come One, Come All – Taking the whole family out for a good meal needn’t be difficult. These eateries welcome everyone, from babes in arms and restless toddlers to, well, fussy grown-ups.

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3 easy dishes to surprise the special lady in your life

Here are dishes easy enough for guys who can’t really cook to whip them up for the special ladies in their lives!

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5 New Eateries To Try In Place Of Your Same Old Haunts

Roads Less Travelled – These unusual venues offer great new experiences on top of tantalising your taste buds. Definitely worth a try!

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Best Sports Bars for Football Foodies


There’s a spring in your step, your heart is racing, and late nights are a new norm. It’s English Premier League (EPL) season! You may not want to pay to watch it at home, though. Or maybe you just prefer the convivial vibes at a bar. Either way, here are four sports bars around Singapore for you to get your EPL fix.


Two Pigs Fly/Lower East Side

These side-by-side outlets have screens showing EPL matches. If you don’t see a game being shown, just ask. Choose to sit kerb-side or inside, and enjoy $10 pints of beer during Happy Hour. Menu must-tries include the Signature Trio Tacos (from $15) at Lower East Side, and the pastas at Two Pigs Fly. The best part about watching football matches here? The huge projector screen at Two Pigs Fly.

WHERE: 19 East Coast Road


Bar Bar Black Sheep

This popular chain gets into a football frenzy every season. Its biggest outlet (Cluny Courtyard) features outdoor and indoor screens. It’s made a name for itself with casual North Indian cuisine, and house favourites include the Butter Chicken ($12.50) and Tandoori Platter ($26), which features fish, prawns, chicken and lamb cooked in a traditional tandoor oven. Draft beer start at $7 a glass, and one-for-one housepour jugs at $59.

WHERE: #01-05C Cluny Court, 501 Bukit Timah Road


The Bank Bar

This gastrobar is the official venue and sponsor of the Manchester United Supporters Club Singapore. It offers Happy Hour promotions all night and monthly food deals, but it is certainly no dive bar. We’re talking marble-topped bar counters and a ceiling adorned with chandeliers. Try the popular Fish & Chips ($22) and Seared Seabass Clam Chowder ($25) on regular weeknights. Come match time, you can put all the glitz behind you as the crowd swells and the atmosphere takes on a stadium vibe – especially if Man U is on!

WHERE: #01-01 One Shenton,1 Shenton Way


Nickeldime Drafthouse

These folks take their brewing so seriously, they have an in-house certified technician to ensure their beer is as fresh and cold as can be. With over 19 craft beers on tap and a selection that changes seasonally, there will always be something new to try. Food here is handcrafted from scratch (even the breads and sauces). Unsurprisingly, beer features in the food: Try the Stout Meatballs ($11), or munch on the I Wanna Hold Your Ham Pizza ($17) while watching a game with your buddies.

WHERE: #01-01 Novena Regency, 275 Thomson Road

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A Taste of Nostalgia


Prima Tower Revolving Restaurant

If the term “revolving restaurant” sends flashbacks of the ’80s your way, you might just have this Chinese eatery to thank for that. At Singapore’s last remaining revolving restaurant, kitschy details include redwood furnishing and Lazy Susan-topped tables.

WHERE: 201 Keppel Road, Singapore 099419

Islamic Restaurant

Singaporeans love their biryani, and debate abounds as to where the best is found. But this establishment holds a special place in many a biryani lover’s heart. Opened in 1921, its signature mutton dum biryani is among the best in the country.

WHERE: 745 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198713


Dishes don’t get any more retro than Borsch soup and Cherry Jubilee – and these are two of the highlights at this Russo-Hainanese restaurant. Enjoy these and many other classic dishes as they are rolled out on trolleys, very old school style!

WHERE: 545 Orchard Road, Singapore 238882

Ananda Bhavan

Anyone who knows his or her Indian breakfasts (and no, prata is not an Indian breakfast) will know of Ananda Bhavan and its made-to-order appams. It has been serving this and other classic Indian vegetarian fare since its establishment in 1924, making it the oldest Indian vegetarian restaurant in Singapore.

WHERE: 221 Selegie Road, Singapore 188340

Chin Mee Chin

You can’t help but get a shot of nostalgia when you step into this old-school coffee shop. Serving freshly made pastries and kaya toasts since the 1950s, this hugely popular eatery along East Coast Road often sees the pastries selling out fast.

WHERE: 204 East Coast Road, Singapore 428903

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5 of the Most Nutrient-Rich Foods You Need to Eat Right Now!


1. Clams

Iron-Rich For More Energy

Believe it or not, clams are right up there with beef liver when it comes to iron content. Low iron levels may result in a lack of energy and focus. Clams are also loaded with the essential vitamin, B12. If you’re tired of eating oily fish, change it up with these once in a while.


2. Tumeric

Curcumin Component, Anti-Inflammatory

The spice to rule all spices! Turmeric’s key compound – curcumin – is liked to several health benefits, primarily as an anti-inflammatory agent, and beneficial in the fight against heart disease and cancer. Try adding a teaspoon of turmeric to your carrot/orange smoothie.


3. Buckwheat Noodles

Protein Substitute For Red Meat

We can’t help but love our carbs, and buckwheat noodles (soba) are your best bet to replace noodles. Fat- and cholesterol-free, buckwheat is high in protein and minerals like manganese that may lower the risk of diabetes and arthritis. Also great for those one a gluten-free diet.


4. Seaweed

Rich Source Iodine, Good for Thyroid Health

Algae was the rage last year, but when was the last time you picked up some in the supermarket? Seaweed sheets, on the other hand, are easily available to eat as a snack or even to be used as a low-card substitute to bread wraps.


5. Beetroot

High Nitric Oxide Content Boosts Metabolism

You might have noticed the muscle man at your gym downing beetroot shots – and he might just be on to something. Suggestions about that beetroot can help lower blood pressure and has fat-burning benefits. The pre-cooked type is easily available, which makes it a cinch to add to your meals.