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How HomeTeamNS GenNext members can kickstart an adventurous, active lifestyle

HomeTeamNS believes that age shouldn’t be a barrier to better fitness, here’s why.



If you think attempting an obstacle course is a young person’s game, Adventure Executive Nazron Hadi would beg to differ.

“There shouldn’t be any limitations as to what activities or facilities older HomeTeamNS members can try. Instead of being limited by age, they should pay attention to the intensity of the activity. It’s important for members of all ages to stay active,” he said.

This approach is good news for HomeTeamNS GenNext Members (Ordinary Members aged 51 and above). The organisation’s trainers and executives are keen to encourage members of all ages to lead active lifestyles.


Nazron (middle) believes that HomeTeamNS looks into different ways to tailor to the needs of GenNext Members, encouraging them to participate in interactive facilities like Action Motion.

Nazron recalls the oldest participant he’s seen at HomeTeamNS Khatib’s Adventure HQ: A 65-year old lady who completed all the obstacles there. The difficulty level was tailored to her age, so she didn’t have to place too much impact on her knees, for instance.

He describes the varying difficulty levels as a challenge by choice: Members are given a task to complete or obstacle to negotiate, but they always have an easy or more challenging option to suit their fitness level.

This, according to Nazron, is one of many ways HomeTeamNS is encouraging its GenNext members to stay active.

“We want to help them maintain their fitness levels and mobility. We want GenNext members to realise that HomeTeamNS wants older members to be involved, and has inclusive activities like yoga or basketball, which are for everyone. How you prefer to do yoga may differ, but the avenues and classes exist – the choice is yours!”

He added that HomeTeamNS is continually looking into how programmes can be tailored to suit the needs of GenNext members, so that more will be drawn to participate in activities such as interactive games or Action Motion’s obstacle courses.

“There are still a lot of fun activities you can do,” he pointed out. “We want to create a community of people who are involved in gamification activities, and we want them to encourage their friends to organize their own activities.”


GenNext members can benefit from many of HomeTeamNS’s most popular facilities.

TactSim, Singapore’s very first indoor player versus player (PvP) airsoft arena, is one where all ages can flourish. TactSim caters to all levels of airsoft enthusiasts, from amateurs to expert marksmen. The emphasis on teamwork, endurance and movement keeps players on their toes, while the multiple game modes ranging from casual scenarios to competitive shooting allow every player to find their own footing and enjoy the game. The soft plastic pellets leave no mark, making it a safe choice.

There’s also Adventure HQ, the largest multi-installation indoor adventure centre in Singapore. While features like the indoor challenge ropes course and roll glider may look intimidating at first glance, Adventure HQ caters to GenNext members with curated challenges that have moderated difficulty levels, designed to stretch one’s abilities without being too strenuous.

Apart from that, Fitness Workz Garage at HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir is a CrossFit haven that offers specialised programming, such as low impact exercises for the elder members – a great way to get your engines started.

Ultimately, your age shouldn’t stop you from having fun and trying out new things, as one of our adventurous writers recently discovered. Said Nazron: “GenNext members don’t have to feel like ‘I’m not good at climbing, so this is not for me.’ It’s meant to be an inclusive space, whatever your fitness level.”


Apart from staying healthy, these activities offer an additional benefit – a chance for family bonding. In a world where everyone is glued to their screens, coming together to play can make a real difference in one’s relationships.

Said Nazron: “This leads back home and can help family life. For instance, I go to Action Motion with my young son. Although the levels of difficulty are different, it’s a shared experience.”

“We get a good mix of GenNext members at Adventure HQ. They usually come with their families. Younger members reel them in, and these activities help families bond.”  

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How to celebrate Hari Raya with HomeTeamNS

Shop, dine and play at our clubhouses, as well as enjoy exclusive merchant discounts.

With Singapore’s COVID-19 restrictions finally lifted, there’s no excuse to stay cooped up at home this Hari Raya. Celebrate the joyous occasion with family and friends at the various HomeTeamNS clubhouses, which are hosting activities such as a festival complete with Malay cultural performances, as well as bazaars where you can shop and play. And fret not if you’re feeling skint this season – we’ve rounded up fantastic merchant deals covering your transport, wellness and dining needs.


HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir

Get into the spirit of the season at the Hari Raya Festival (13 May, 11am-8pm), which will buzz with Malay cultural performances and a bazaar (12 & 13 May 2023, Friday, 3pm – 8pm & Saturday, 11am – 8pm) at the Level 2 Atrium. Enterprising individuals may reserve a bazaar booth to sell apparel, accessories, and food and beverages, with rental fees starting from S$133.

There are also plenty of warm memories to be shared with your loved ones in the lead-up to the celebration, at Sri Bistari’s weekend Ramadan buffet (Every Fri, Sat & Sun, 7pm – 9pm). It’s priced at S$14.40 per child and S$28 per adult. Break your fast on a spread of local and other Asian dishes including Salted Egg Flower Crab and Satay, and enjoy promotional rates such as a free buffet with every three paying adults. Be sure to reserve your seats ahead of time. Reservation will require a deposit of $50.

HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok

If you’re looking to spruce up your home and wardrobe, head down to HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok’s Beli-Belah Raya weekend bazaar happening at Lobby A on 15 and 16 April, from 12pm to 9pm. Peruse 16 booths proffering baked treats, home decorations and clothing, along with henna tattooing services. Shop with ease while your little ones get crafty at the kids’ corner featuring three activity stations. There are also prizes to be won, and the first 80 HomeTeamNS members can redeem a complimentary pack of dates. 

HomeTeamNS Khatib

Look out for our clubhouse ambassadors who will be distributing limited-edition green packets to the first 65 members who spend a minimum of $20 at HomeTeamNS Khatib between 19 to 30 April. If you’re lucky, you may be among two members who will receive a $20 HomeTeamNS voucher that can be redeemed at all clubhouses.


Dress up in style

Photo: Chrono Collection

Who doesn’t like shiny new things? Enjoy a $30 discount on all timepieces at Chrono Collection’s e-commerce website. Chrono Collection’s array of brilliant watches with handcrafted bezels are perfect for those who want to ‘bling’ up their Hari Raya. Promotion is valid till 31 December 2023.

If you’re in need of a new pair of comfortable shoes for your visits to relatives, you’re in luck. HomeTeamNS members can enjoy a $10 discount on online purchases at shoe retailer Sunnystep. Their footwear features velvet cushioning at the heels to prevent blisters and arch support. Simply log in to the HomeTeamNS Mobile App to receive both promo codes.

Look and feel great

Photo: Hysses

If you want to look spiffy, head to men’s grooming studio We Are Sultans, which is offering a 10 per cent discount on all services. Promotion is valid till 15 December 2023. Then head to aromatherapy house Hysses, which is offering HomeTeamNS members a 5 per cent storewide discount to get your essential oils for a more relaxed ambiance at home, till 14 September 2023. Simply log in to the HomeTeamNS Mobile App to get your digital membership card, and flash upon checkout.

Get around with ease

Photo: Shutterstock

Save big on transport when you visit your relatives, with a 60 per cent discount on your first drive with car-sharing service Getgo. The offer is valid till 31 August 2023. Over at Tribecar, you can enjoy a free trial account for the first 30 days, with 50 per cent off their first drive (capped at $20), till 30 September 2023. There’s also a 10 per cent discount on the base rate when you book a car at any Hertz locations in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand or Asia till 31 December 2023. Simply log in to the HomeTeamNS Mobile App to receive the promo codes for the aforementioned deals.

Finally, enjoy up to a 24 per cent discount on all fuel purchases at Sinopec. Flash your HomeTeamNS membership card from the HomeTeamNS Mobile App and driver’s license to enjoy upfront fuel discounts.


Photo: Domino's Singapore

Fuel up between home visits at halal pizza chain Domino’s, which till 31 December 2023, is offering HomeTeamNS members exclusive deals such as a personal set priced at $8.50 and a $59 party set. Promotion is only available for over-the-counter and Domino’s Click to Collect orders. Meanwhile halal sushi restaurant Hei Sushi lets you enjoy a 10 per cent discount on your total bill or a ‘Tea Time’ buffet at $19.80+ (U.P. $28.80). Simply present your digital HomeTeamNS membership card at checkout.   

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HomeTeamNS Scholarship: For the love of sports

Meet Nur Eryka Binte Muhammad Imran, an outstanding student of Nitec in Fitness Training 2023, a HomeTeamNS Scholarship recipient, and a passionate hockey player.



When Ms Nur Eryka Binte Muhammad Imran saw the outstanding graduate for the Nitec in Fitness Training when she emceed her seniors’ graduation ceremony last year, she thought to herself: “Wow, I want to be like him.”

On her own graduation day the following year, she fulfilled her dream.

During the Nitec Graduation Ceremony at the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) College West on 14 February 2023, she was named the Outstanding Graduate for Nitec in Fitness Training. Mr Joseph Loh, Director of Business Strategies of HomeTeamNS, presented the HomeTeamNS Scholarship to Eryka for her impressive performance in school.

The scholarship recognises the notable efforts by students studying the Nitec in Fitness Training and Higher Nitec in Sport Management across all the ITE colleges.

“I feel very proud, it’s definitely a big achievement and I’ve been wanting this for a long time,” said Eryka. The HomeTeamNS Scholarship doesn’t just help to fund Eryka’s studies, it also serves as a stepping stone to achieving her passion for sports and fitness outside of the classroom.


Eryka joined Hockey as her co-curriculum activity (CCA) in Secondary School and was part of her school’s C and B Division teams.

Her love of sports flourished when she was a secondary school student at CHIJ St Theresa’s Convent. Her school offered a new ‘O’ Level subject, Exercise and Sports Science, that covers the sub-disciplines of sports science and the sociology behind it. As Eryka learned about exercise physiology, biomechanics and sports psychology she became even more fascinated by the subject.

This made her path to Nitec in Fitness Training in ITE College West a natural progression, as she was able to pursue her journey in studying sports. “When I was young, I really loved sports and was interested in learning about human anatomy and biomechanics. It’s the only subject that I excelled in,” said the 19-year-old.

Next, Eryka intends to study the Diploma in Sport & Exercise Science at Republic Polytechnic and pursue further studies in physiotherapy in Australia or New Zealand.


Eryka (front row, third from the right) and her teammates from the Jansenites Hockey Club after training.

Eryka also excels in her favourite sport, field hockey. As a left or centre mid-fielder for the Jansenites Hockey Club in Singapore, she relies on her skills to read the game and make quick judgements during matches to support both defenders and forwards.

At times, she plays as a centre forward, leading attacks on her opponents’ goals. “The National Junior League 2023 was the most memorable competition for me,” she recalled. “I scored and assisted a few goals for the team during the matches against Anderson Serangoon Junior College, and ACSOBASG Oldham Hockey Club.”

She intends to participate in the Under-21 trials to be a part of the youth national hockey team and is training hard to achieve that goal. Consistent 2.4km runs, strength training and playing alongside national players in her team, has helped boost Eryka’s confidence on the field.

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Club Buzz Featured

Getting a head start with her education and ambitions

HomeTeamNS Children’s Education Award recipient may appear to be a shy child, but she dreams of an acting career.



Despite her shy demeanour, Han Meng Chen, daughter of HomeTeamNS Ordinary member Mr Han Lin Zhuo, wants to be an actor. Meng Chen was among 80 recipients of the HomeTeamNS Children’s Education Award, where she was among the top five students in the Primary 3 and 4 cohort.

Speaking at the ceremony, Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Minister to State, Ministry of Home Affairs and National Development, and HomeTeamNS President said: “Young people are the present and the future of our nation. HomeTeamNS believes that good education plays a vital role in paving the way for a better future. Though the journey may be tedious, it is true grit and determination that propels us closer to success.”

This reflected well on Meng Chen, as she achieved excellent grades for her semester results in 2021 and was also a prefect at North View Primary School. Indeed, her father is proud of her stunning achievements. “I’m happy that she has passed and more importantly, she enjoys acquiring more knowledge through her school lessons and is able to apply this knowledge to solve real-life problems,” Mr Han said.


Mr Han is the sole parent and breadwinner, which means he has to fulfill the vital roles of a nurturing mother and a protective father to Meng Chen. He believes he does not need to exert pressure on his daughter to excel in her studies as she is a responsible child. Working as a freelancer gives Mr Han the opportunity to help Meng Chen with Mathematics. He also tries his best to protect her from negative influences on social media.

This is not the first time Meng Chen has received the HomeTeamNS Children’s Education Award, which has helped offset the cost of her school fees. It also allowed them to start saving for her future studies.


Meng Chen was inspired to become an actor after watching Netflix’s Wednesday and Disney’s Cruella, which were fronted by acclaimed actors Jenna Ortega and Emma Stone respectively.

“I think Jenna Ortega is graceful and can solve a lot of mysteries and cases just like policemen,” she shared. Mr Han added that Meng Chen is intrigued by compelling roles.

And she’s already started taking small steps to achieving her dream. Meng Chen is a Drama Club member in school and played the role of an ant in The Butterfly and the Boy during a performance in school. “It’s fun, and you can express your feelings freely through the role that you play,” she said.

Meng Chen plans to study acting and hopes to act in foreign films – perhaps alongside some of her idols.

More than 2,600 children of HomeTeamNS Ordinary Members have received help from the CEA since its inception in 2004. With CEA, we hope to reward and celebrate families, and encourage students to excel academically. For the latest updates on the applications, visit our website or Facebook page.

Club Buzz

Conserving a precious resource, one drop at a time

HomeTeamNS is serious about water conservation – here’s how it’s incorporating green features into its newest clubhouses and spreading the word about the importance of saving this precious resource.



Every day in Singapore, about 430 million gallons of water is consumed – an amount equal to around 782 Olympic-sized swimming pools. As our population and economy grow, our need for water is set to grow as well. PUB, Singapore’s national water agency, estimates that our demand for water could be close to double by the year 2065.

To ensure that the nation’s water needs are met, Singapore has three main solutions: to desalinate seawater, reuse water endlessly, and collect every drop. 

HomeTeamNS clubhouses are doing their part, too. While desalination is best left to the experts, both HomeTeamNS Khatib and HomeTeamNS Bedok clubhouses have water-saving features that make use of technology and innovation to take water conservation to a whole new level.

For example, the HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir and HomeTeamNS Khatib have an integrated rainwater harvesting system that drip irrigates the plants within the clubhouse, helping to reduce water use while maintaining the lush greenery of its surroundings.

Over at HomeTeamNS Khatib, the swimming pools have a secret, sustainable weapon when it comes to cleaning. They are the first of their kind in Singapore to use an ECO-filtration system that relies on a bio-film to trigger the process of photocatalytic oxidisation. This process sanitises the pool without requiring harsh chemicals like chlorine and reduces as much as half of the water normally needed for pool maintenance. The system also cuts down on energy consumption, and lasts twice as long as conventional decontamination methods.

This World Water Day mark the occasion with water-themed activities for kids and grown-ups throughout the month at participating HomeTeamNS clubhouses.


HomeTeamNS members participating in the World Water Day colouring activities at HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok.


Get your blue crayons ready for colouring and crafting activities at the clubhouse lobby, where the kids’ corner plays host to water-themed fun.

Older kids, teens and grown-ups can take part in the Water Day Online Trivia Contest. This fun quiz covers water consumption and conservation efforts in Singapore. Participants can join the online trivia at HomeTeamNS-JOM Balestier’s Facebook page, and stand a chance to win PUB Water Wally plushies!


HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok’s clubhouse Lobby A will host several water-themed activities:

Colour Me Blue

When and where: Every weekend from 17-31 March 2023, 11am to 6pm at Level 1, Lobby A.

Little ones can learn about water conservation with fun, educational activities at the colouring corner.

Interactive Board Games

When and where: 18-31 March 2023, 9am to 8pm at Level 1, Lobby A.

Learn tips on making a sustainable future together and participate in our interactive board games and redeem prizes when you complete each game – test your powers of recall with the memory game and try the crossword puzzles and get in touch with your inner wordsmith.

HomeTeamNS members or guests who participate in the Interactive Board Games or complete the colouring activity may spin the wheel to redeem a Singapore World Water Day merchandise.


Water Wally and Sally stickers are hiding somewhere within the clubhouse! If you spot them, be sure to snap a selfie, tag @HomeTeamNS Khatib on their Facebook page with your photo, and stand a chance to win $50 HomeTeamNS vouchers.

Want learn more about water conservation? Check out the clubhouse lobby where standees with water trivia will be displayed. If you’re in the mood to test your knowledge, whip your phone out to scan the QR code on the standees, which will lead you to an online quiz. Participants stand a chance of winning Singapore World Water Day merchandise.

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HomeTeamNS sets record for Singapore’s tallest hamper for a good cause

The 4m-high hamper was made of care packages that were distributed to beneficiaries from SWAMI Home.


The fourth edition of HomeTeamNS Gives Back, an annual event that rallies together members, guests and partners to give back to the community, was held on 4 February at HomeTeamNS Khatib.

HomeTeamNS built a 4m-high hamper that set a record for tallest hamper in the Singapore Book of Records. The hamper contained boxes of groceries such as Milo packets, toothbrushes and biscuits that were contributed by the participants. These were distributed to beneficiaries of Sunshine Welfare Action Mission (SWAMI Home), including residents of approximately 100 Yishun flats under the SWAMI Home Help Programme.

The HomeTeamNS benefactors and selected beneficiaries from SWAMI Home were treated to an afternoon of fun and activities such as Nagomi art, a purportedly therapeutic artform using pastel powder; a bingo game and Lo Hei, along with a lion dance performance.


HomeTeamNS staff preparing care packages that were distributed to Yishun residents under the SWAMI Home Help Programme.
HomeTeamNS staff preparing care packages that were distributed to Yishun residents under the SWAMI Home Help Programme.

The event was graced by guest-of-honour Associate Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, Minister of State, Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of National Development, and HomeTeamNS President.

“At HomeTeamNS, we believe in making a difference through community efforts. This way, small acts of kindness by each member get amplified and we can help others make a greater impact. I am truly heartened to see our members and partners readily chipping in. We hope that these gifts will bring our friends in SWAMI Home good cheer and joy this festive season,” said Ms Agnes Eu, Chief Executive of HomeTeamNS.

HomeTeamNS members with their Nagomi Art artworks.
HomeTeamNS members with their Nagomi Art artworks.

HomeTeamNS members have participated in earlier editions of HomeTeamNS Gives Back held during Christmas in 2018, 2021 and 2022, with the same goal of paying it forward. For more information about the next HomeTeamNS Gives Back event, please visit our website and Facebook page.

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Make wellness a priority for you and your family at Bedok Reservoir Clubhouse

Is self-improvement and general well-being on the agenda in 2023? Find benefits in these activities offered by tenants at the newest HomeTeamNS clubhouse.


The pandemic has highlighted the importance of looking after one’s mental health, and research has found that one should start young. For instance, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that one in seven adolescents (10 to 19 years old) experiences mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety or behavioural problems, that remain mostly untreated.

In a bid to foster well-being for the family, the new HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir offers activities – like a gamified obstacle course and Singapore’s longest indoor waterslide – that provide endless fun, as well as others that can help to build a loved one’s physical and mental resilience.


With over 20 outlets island-wide, Playfacto’s integrated approach to learning nurtures well-being and character-building, while introducing topics like Robotics and Mathematics.

Playfacto, which conducts classes for primary and pre-primary schoolers, believes its environment inculcates collaborative soft skills like communication to foster positive relationships for well-rounded development.

With such an approach, parents can rest easy when leaving their children with the professionals at the centre, as they enjoy the other facilities at the HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir for some couple time.


Photo: The Dance Station

The Dance Station has been helping children discover the joy of rhythmic movement since 1981, offering ballet, hip-hop and jazz classes to fit different goals. Its third outlet, at HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir, once again promises a hi-energy experience, this time in a scenic new spot.

With its “more-than-just-dance” ethos, The Dance Station takes a holistic approach through its five pillars of growth, which touch on the cognitive, emotional, physical, social and integrity aspects of a child’s development. The trainers identify and try to bridge gaps in their students’ learning, before applying techniques that align with their learning style to encourage personal growth across these levels.

Benefits such as aerobic and core-strengthening are apparent when it comes to dancing. Still, research
has also shown that it is a form of physical activity that can help children with certain behavioural challenges, thanks to its many levels of engagement. The social benefits of dancing with others can also help build a person’s confidence and sense of self-worth.


Photo: Trifecta Martial Arts

Martial arts can help to instil a sense of discipline and natural self-confidence, along with increased agility and strength. Studies suggest that martial arts also helps to reduce aggression in adolescents. Trifecta Martial Arts in the clubhouse offer classes for children and adults, making it possible for parents to bond with their children.

Mr Ivan Howden enrolled his son in Taekwondo when he was five years old, and has seen how it has taught him qualities such as resilience and commitment. After acquiring a black belt, the boy moved on to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The proud dad says that apart from the mental benefits, his son can jump, spin 360 degrees and break a wooden board with his feet. “He thinks that’s pretty cool, and so do I,” said Mr Howden.


Photo: Yoga Inc

Yoga is an extremely accessible enrichment activity. Suitable even for those who aren’t naturally athletic, it focuses on progressive stretching and toning. For those who believe in the benefits of meditation but are unable to focus, yoga’s gradual and mindful poses help to build inner awareness by focusing a person’s attention on their body’s abilities.

Yoga Inc brings their menu of courses to Bedok Reservoir, from gentle Hatha to the more rigorous Flow yoga, allowing participants to expand their range of physicality to grow balance, core strength, flexibility and stamina. For children, this can help bolster awareness of their bodies and its limits, reducing the risk of accidents caused by over-exertion. For the parents, picking up the practice with them is a relaxing way to bond as a family.

For the latest updates on the enrichment facilities above, visit our website and Facebook page. Visit the new HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir and explore the many facilities catered to support your family’s lifestyle.

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10 short hops from Singapore for HomeTeamNS members to check out

Recharge your mind and body with a brief getaway from the Lion City, and snag attractive hotel and leisure deals for HomeTeamNS members.


1. Penang, Malaysia

Source: Hard Rock Hotels

From colorful street art to Instagram-worthy heritage buildings such as the elegant Victorian Eastern & Oriental Hotel and world-renowned street food, Penang’s George Town is arguably one of Malaysia’s most vibrant locales. When you’re done gorging on regional delicacies such as Sister Yao’s char koay kak (radish cake fried in sweet black sauce) at Macalistar Lane, don’t forget to stroll the old streets or snap pictures from the 68th-storey Rainbow Skywalk and Observatory Deck at Komtar Tower. Love a good bargain? Don’t forget to hit up the Batu Ferringhi Night Market.

Getting there: A 90-minute flight from Singapore

2. Belitung Island, Indonesia


Located off the eastern coast of Sumatra, Indonesia, rustic Belitung Island has in recent years been gaining a reputation as the ideal alternative to the party haven of Bali. It was the backdrop for charming coming-of-age Indonesian film Laskar Pelangi, adapted from the eponymous novel by Andrea Hirata. Let your hair down and catch a tan on the island’s pristine white sand beaches, and be sure to check out the breathtakingly beautiful white clay mine at Tanjung Pandan. The town of Manggar also serves up some delicious coffee.

Getting there: An hour’s flight from Jakarta.

3. Da Nang, Vietnam


Previously known as the boondocks of Vietnam, Da Nang is today one of the most vibrant cities in the country that is renowned for its livability. It’s not difficult to see why many have now dubbed this place the Miami of Vietnam – it has stunning river bridges, picture-perfect beaches, charming French colonial buildings and a vivacious gastronomy scene to boot. Be sure to check out the city’s famous dragon bridge, hike through the picturesque Ba Na Hills, and party the night away at Sky36, the highest sky bar in Vietnam.

Getting there: A two-and-a-half hour flight from Singapore

4. Iskandar Puteri, Malaysia

Source: Legoland Malaysia

Fancy a quick family getaway that is both affordable and kid-friendly? Head across the Causeway to Johor’s administrative capital Iskandar Puteri and spend a day at LEGOLAND theme park. Those looking for something more adventurous can also check out the EnergX Park, touted as Asia’s largest indoor extreme park that delivers an adrenaline rush with activities such as go-karting, dodge ball and trampolining.

Getting there: A 90-minute drive from downtown Singapore. Alternatively, hop onto a bus at the Tuas Checkpoint

5. Cempedak Island, Indonesia

Perform sun salutations on golden sand, get pampered with a massage and admire the pristine coral reefs at this adults-only private island that’s ideal for a romantic escape. You can immerse yourself in the dreamy natural surrounds at its sprawling grass-roofed bamboo villas that are open to the bracing sea breeze and feature private plunge pools.

Getting there: An hour-long high-speed catamaran ferry ride from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Bintan, followed by a car ride and another short boat ride

6. Desaru, Malaysia

Source: One and Only Resorts

It isn’t surprising that this beach resort in Malaysia has always been one of the most popular destinations for Singaporeans: there’s something for everyone, from golf courses to nature hikes and waterparks, where HomeTeamNS members can enjoy special promos at Adventure Waterpark Desaru Coast. Looking to live it up in style? New luxury resort One & Only Desaru Coast boasts an exceptional collection of suites – including one fringed by lush rainforest – a tony beach club, omakase restaurant and spa that combines western and eastern treatments in a tranquil setting shimmering with a lotus pond.

Getting there: A 90-minute ferry ride from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal to Desaru Coast, or a 3-hour drive from Singapore.

7. Phuket, Thailand

Source: Boathouse Phuket

Boasting scrumptious Thai food, gorgeous white sand beaches and an effervescent nightlife scene, Phuket is a safe bet for a getaway that packs a punch. If lazing on the beach all day isn’t your idea of fun, strap on those boots and trek through the serene Khao Lak National Park. Rum aficionados should check out the Chalong Bay Rum Distillery, where the spirit is distilled from Thai sugarcane in French Armagnac copper stills.

Getting there: A two-hour flight from Singapore

8. Batam, Indonesia

Source: Tempat Senang Boutique Hotel & Spa via Facebook

If your idea of a blissed out sojourn is spending an entire day at the spa without breaking the bank, look no further. Located at Batam Island, the Tempat Senang Boutique Hotel & Spa offers a wide range of treatments ranging from Balinese massage to hot herbal compresses, foot reflexology and body scrubs. A full-day spa on the weekend typically costs just S$294 per person. How’s that for value? While you’re there, don’t miss out on amazing hawker fare at the open-air A2 Foodcourt next to Batam City Square mall. Cap your meal with coffee while lounging on colourful bean bags at the Cheryl Signature Cafe at Bengkong Laut.

Getting there: A 45-minute ferry ride from Harbourfront Center

9. Bali, Indonesia

Bali Safari and Marine Park
Source: Bali Safari and Marine Park

The Island of Gods is as synonymous with fiercely guarded traditions and festivals such as Nyepi (the Hindu Day of Silence), as it is with pulsating nightlife and family-friendly attractions. Acceding to your teens’ pleas to take them to Waterbom Bali or Splash Water Park Bali at the Finns Recreation Club (sip on mimosas while they play) will render you the popular parent, while the entire family will surely get a kick out of Bali Safari and Marine Park. The latter is where you can spot the endangered Sumatran tiger and formidable Komodo Dragon that’s endemic to islands within Komodo National Park. Check the troops into the centrally located and ever-buzzy Hard Rock Hotel Bali, where you can enjoy promotional room rates.

Getting there: A two-and-a-half hour flight from Singapore

10. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Source: Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Renowned for its multitude of food and leisure options, Kuala Lumpur is a highly urbanised city with surprising pockets of nature. Enjoy idyllic spots such as the KL Forest Eco Park in the heart of the city and the Perdana Botanical Garden. Have kids in tow? They’d love spending a day at KidZania KL.

Getting there: A one-hour flight or five-hour drive from Singapore

More travel deals for HomeTeamNS members

Check out our website or Facebook page for the latest updates on membership promotions, and upcoming events.

Club Buzz Lifestyle

Climb, conquer and enjoy an enhanced digital experience at Action Motion

Experience physical entertainment at Singapore’s first-ever gamified multi-tier obstacle course, located in HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir.


If you are someone who spends most of the day seated at your job, finding the motivation to get active is always a challenge. But if there are two things that usually do the trick, we’d say it’s the promise of some friendly competition combined with a hearty dose of fun. So, when the invitation came to try the new Action Motion at the launch of HomeTeamNS’ newest clubhouse at Bedok Reservoir, it was easy for me to say yes and jump right in!


The giant space that is Action Motion is unmissable as one enters the Bedok Reservoir clubhouse lobby. Set to the right of the entrance, the sprawling grounds are home to five different experiences that cater to players of all inclinations.

The largest of these is the Rapid Action obstacle course, Singapore’s first score tabulation gamified obstacle course. As players work their way through the course elements, they tap their RFID wrist tags at various recording stations. This tracks their progress and displays their times on a public screen. For groups, this can spur some epic competition. As a solo player, I pitted myself against the day’s scores, or attempted to set personal bests.

My first challenge at Rapid Action were three motorised and five static elements in a U-shaped route. After understanding how the gamified system worked, I launched myself into the giant playground, hoping my limbs would cooperate. Sure, the course offers easier ways to negotiate certain elements, but where’s the fun in that? I got a good workout navigating the first course, with spinning rods and hoops testing my timing, and unexpected stubs jutting out to delay my way across a wall. And if you miss, worry not — your fall is cushioned by ball pits. I found that the array of elements nicely balanced the need for agility, hand-eye coordination, balance and strength, and this deskbound noob actually breezed through the courses with decent scores.

The easier options makes the course more accessible to a wider age range, while alternative choices at certain junctions offer opportunities for repeated play. The advanced stage, though, was literally on another level. There were similarly eight elements there, with a safety net below, but finessing them required a lot more skill. For instance, one element contained ropes dangling like vines that would have you swinging like Tarzan, and another that looked like giant slices of Swiss cheese that you need to hook yourself through.


Tapping once again on technology, I headed for some augmented reality fun at Valo Climb and Valo Jump. Valo Jump is housed in a netted platform with a large bouncing mat. Camera sensors detected and monitored my jumps, and were linked to the movements of my avatar on the giant screen. I first picked out one of the five different augmented environments that corresponded to different difficulty levels (I was a bit winded so I chose the easiest). What emerged was an animated canyon setting where I had to bounce on a bridge to knock off birds and fishes to gain points, while an octopus tried to hold me down on the screen.

The engaging visual nature of the games made this suitable for all ages and it also distracted from how much of a workout one gets while playing. Players can share their emails to receive a copy of their gameplay video.

Valo Climb takes place on two bouldering walls, which can be adjusted to different heights and difficulty levels. Using precise motion sensors, players can attempt various augmented reality challenges that are projected onto the walls. My challenge required me to whack out bats from a forest. Despite the limited wall space, there was still plenty of room to clamber across. The nearby seats made this especially good for groups as spectators could cheer on their favourite players.


For rock climbers, the Ascend Lab is your go-to station. It offers 10 lanes of varying difficulty, with two black courses as the most difficult options. Ascend Lab also includes automated belay systems, which means solo climbers can enjoy sessions to their heart’s content, especially since the courses are refreshed twice a month.

For those new to rock-climbing, on-site briefings allow anyone to enjoy the routes. Again, I picked the easier yellow route, and had a great time figuring out the ways I could move up the wall. Because this was not timed in any way, I also felt this installation was more evenly-paced and less competitive, which had its appeal.

Motion Mesh had a similar vibe, as the netted cube was a rope maze that was similar to a playground. I had to climb up a tunnel to the second tier and then make my way down to the lower ball pit. While ideal for children who love to explore, I was told that adult teams have enjoyed using it as a quirky meeting venue, or turned into a small course for bonding events.


After attempting all five experiences at Action Motion, my body was feeling worse for wear – although I was grinning throughout. By adding so many elements of play into the games here, I had a solid workout that was also plenty of fun. With its wide array of customisable features for all body types, Action Motion also ensures that players of all ages can enjoy their facilities.

Tickets to Action Motion start from S$35 for HomeTeamNS members (Tuesdays to Fridays) and include savings of up to S$10 when you come as a group of four during weekends, public holidays and their eves, and school holidays.

For safety purposes, guests are required to be taller than 125cm and lighter than 120kg. Children under 12 years old have to be supervised by their guardians. The high-grip Action Motion socks are compulsory and cost S$4 a pair, but free socks will be given to all participants during the first three months of their official opening (until March 15).

When booking, pick out the time slots you prefer, and enjoy free play within the allotted session (2.5 hours on weekdays and 3 hours on weekends). I suggest timing it with a relaxing soak in the clubhouse’s waterfront infinity pool right after, or having a meal at one of the many eateries. Action Motion also includes event room usage – ideal for parties or corporate bonding sessions.

Unplug yourself for a day and find fitness and play at the new Action Motion located at HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir.

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Club Buzz

HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir: Where the indoors and outdoors meet

Live it up on the waterfront, at this new venue nestled in Bedok Reservoir Park whose facilities and activities are augmented by seamless digital solutions.



NSman SUPT (NS) Jason Lim had been looking for a special venue for his family to celebrate the year-end holidays, and eventually, he found just the place. “I had a Christmas party at the HomeTeamNS Bedok Reservoir,” said SUPT (NS) Lim. “It was beautiful – it overlooks the reservoir and I couldn’t ask for a better location,” he added. The waterfront experience is something you can’t find anywhere else, said SUPT (NS) Lim, who is the volunteer Chairman of the Branding and Publicity Committee of HomeTeamNS.

Situated by the reservoir, the design of HomeTeamNS’ newest clubhouse flows from the outside in, carrying with it nature’s sought-after qualities of light and airy spaces.

Inside, each of its five storeys is packed with activities and facilities, most of which offer front-row seats to unobstructed views of the reservoir that transport you far away from the crowds.


At the official opening of the clubhouse on 4 January, Mr K Shanmugam, Minister for Home Affairs and Minister for Law, said the clubhouse’s uniqueness as a waterfront haven was a vision more than six years in the making. “I specifically wanted a waterfront. This is going to be one-of-a- kind venue – I don’t think it can be replicated in terms of location,” said Mr Shanmugam.

Bedok Reservoir was the clear choice among the locations considered for the new clubhouse because of the exclusive view and the large area for development. Its location is also close to a big segment of HomeTeamNS members living in the east who can enjoy kayaking and dragon boating here. And the water sport options don’t end when the boats are docked. Just a few steps in, a wet obstacle rope course and Singapore’s longest indoor waterslide – all 114m of it – are ready for action at the three-storey Aqua Adventure, as is the six-lane 50m infinity pool overlooking the reservoir.


With such a unique vantage as part of the water and greenery of the reservoir park, HomeTeamNS is making sure it minimises any harm to its natural surroundings. The clubhouse has earned itself the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) Green Mark Platinum certification – the highest sustainability standard for buildings – for its features that maximise energy efficiency and water conservation. “This includes the use of eco-friendly materials and systems, energy-efficient light fittings, use of solar photovoltaic panels, and a ‘blue & green’ roof to harness natural resources such as solar power and rainfall,” explained Ms Agnes Eu, Chief Executive of HomeTeamNS.


“We have moved beyond providing a traditional brick-and-mortar clubhouse experience for members,” said Ms Eu. In fact, the experience starts even before you reach the clubhouse.   

The HomeTeamNS Mobile App offers members access to a range of services like entering the reservoir-view Members Lounge and booking any of the 10 two-storey waterfront or garden-facing villas. The app also allows keyless access to the spacious three-bedroom villas – ranging from 144sqm to 157sqm in size – that are designed for large gatherings, with roof balconies and sheltered BBQ patios.

The latest tech will also help NSmen and their families level up for a multi-level obstacle course at Action Motion where the gamifier system lets players go up against each other in real-time through the leaderboard. The course has some serious digital cred, incorporating Augmented Reality (AR) bouldering walls and trampoline.


The 14,500sqm clubhouse was designed for Home Team NSmen by the people who know exactly what they want and need – their fellow NSmen. Mr Muhamad Azfar Bin Ramli, Chairman of the Bedok Reservoir Clubhouse Executive Committee, explained: “We wanted to provide a meeting place in the eastern region of Singapore for Home Team NSmen to host their cohesion activities, so that they may build and strengthen the bonds of friendship and camaraderie that they have forged during their experience serving NS together.”

SUPT (NS) Jason Lim understands this only too well. “In the midst of serving National Service it’s things like the Bedok Reservoir clubhouse that show the organisation is giving back to us as well – they’re giving us something nobody else has access to or the privilege of using,” he said.

Noting that with four HomeTeamNS clubhouses to choose from – Balestier, Bedok Reservoir, Bukit Batok and Khatib – Mr Lim said each one is unique in its own right for NSmen to use.”Go to the clubhouse based on the activity that you’re interested in,” Mr Lim advised fellow HomeTeam NSmen. “For the Bedok Reservoir clubhouse, it’s the water activities.”

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