Back to the gym: Routine procedures

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With the easing of restrictions, gymgoers can get back to training at
their favourite haunts. But is it safe to? Yes, says Fitness Workz, provided everyone plays their part to stay safe.


For some fitness enthusiasts, a gym is the most conducive place to work out. The variety of equipment provides different options for exercising, so working out does not become boring and tedious. The presence of qualified trainers also ensures they get correct and immediate advice when needed. For others, the gym is more than a fitness facility; it is like a second home where they can fully immerse themselves in their workout and temporarily disconnect from the stresses of life, as well as foster meaningful relationships with other members and staff.

The much-awaited return

Now that restrictions due to COVID-19 are gradually being eased and we are allowed to return to some of our usual daily activities, many are once again hitting the workout studios.

“During the Circuit Breaker period, I have had to clear away some of my belongings so that I could create an exercise area at home,” says Home Team NSman Mr Marcus Lim, 31, who frequented the gym three to four times a week before COVID-19. “It was troublesome but necessary [to continue exercising]. When Phase 2 started, I immediately went back to my gym,” he adds. But because of increased precautionary measures implemented by the Ministry of Health (MOH), going to the gym is a different experience now. While it is a bit more of a hassle than previously, gymgoers are generally grateful for the opportunity to work out at their regular spots.

Amid the enthusiasm, the team from Fitness Workz, advises gymgoers to take it slow. “It has been a few months since you have visited the gym, hence it is important to ensure that you are well and in optimal condition before proceeding on your exercise routines. And start slow; don’t rush back into your regular regimen,” advises Mr Noel Lee, Executive at Fitness Workz. “Equally important is for members to adhere to the safety protocols implemented by the gym and to book their session in advance,” he adds.

Know the Rules

Going to the gym is different now with stricter safety measures. Fitness Workz adheres to the following advisories from MOH:

Members are allowed only 90 mins of workout time per session.

The equipment is thoroughly sanitised after each time slot.

The gym adheres to the maximum operating capacity restriction based on floor size.

Advanced booking is required through the HomeTeamNS Mobile App.

Here are some other tips to help you return to the gym safely:

  • Do not over-exert yourself and take alternate days off to prevent over-training.
  • Minimise explosive training — especially in the first week of starting your workout regime — as your body is not properly conditioned yet.
  • Start with light cardio for 30 minutes and easy weight training for the first week. Do so until you are comfortable enough with taking on more rigorous exercises.
  • Due to the time constraints, do plan ahead the type of exercises you are going to focus on. When in doubt, approach the trainers for help.
  • Practise good hygiene and wipe down equipment after usage.
  • Before leaving, take a shower to cool down your body.

If you are still not ready to go back to the gym, there are virtual classes that you can attend in the comfort of your home. Fitness Workz offers different types of online classes such as Power Core, Power HIIT and Power Tabata.

Fitness Workz Premium is divided into nine elite workout zones.
Experience firefighter rescue simulation training with equipment such as a fireman dummy and a slide.

Play a virtual sport

Another popular video game is Just Dance where players have to mirror the choreography as closely as possible. Depending on the versions you have, Just Dance has tracks by popular singers, including Ariana Grande, BLACKPINK, Dua Lipa, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber and more.

Here are what HomeTeamNS members can enjoy when they work out at Fitness Workz’s newest and largest gym, Fitness Workz Premium, at HomeTeamNS Khatib:

Lots of space
The gym spans across 1,500 square metres — the equivalent of 15 badminton courts!

Advanced workout equipment

  • Krankcycle, an upper-body stationary bike with independent crank arms
  • Elliptical machines that mimic outdoor conditions
  • Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting platforms
  • Hydraulic equipment for seniors and rehabilitation purposes

A variety of fitness classes
Boxing /Yoga / Zumba / Functional HIIT  / Strongman  / TRX / Exercises tailored for seniors

The Guardians Bridge
The state-of-the-art setup, designed like a bridge, lets you experience firefighter rescue training with equipment such as a rope trainer, battle ropes, fireman dummy, a flight of stairs and a slide.

Instagram-worthy interior
A highlight is the Captain America weight plates for weightlifting training.

Get Fit with Fitness Workz!

Hot-foot to your nearest Fitness Workz gym for an energising workout. For more information, visit

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