Five things to know about CPL (NS) Muhammad Hafiz bin Ibrahim

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Find out when is the ideal time to run for CPL (NS) Muhammad Hafiz bin Ibrahim and other fun facts about him. 

1. Who do you look up to in life?

My parents, who have made a lot of sacrifices for our family of five. My mum has prepared all our meals from the time we were schooling till now and my dad always shares good advice and his life experiences with us.

2. What does your training routine look like?

I train during my off-days. I start running before 8am as it gets hot once the sun is up.

3. What would you be doing when you are not training for sports?

I spend time with my family. We all love food so we usually go to some of our favourites places such as Arab Street to eat at a nasi padang joint.

4. How would you describe yourself?

I am a soft-spoken person but I will fight tirelessly for something that I truly believe in.

5. What are the key things that you pursue in life?

Self-awareness is important so I can realise my own strengths and weaknesses. Good health is also important as ill health affects your sleep and immune system.

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