WHEEL Challenge

This year we introduce a brand new concept into the MSD calendar; WHEEL this excite the divisions? With their driving skills put to the test, MSD participants underwent various obstacles ranging from maintaining stability on the narrow plank to accuracy at parallel parking and their agility at tyre changing. With utmost accuracy, stability and speed, divisions battled it out to bring home the first-ever Champion for Wheel You Take Up The Challenge 2017.


Overall Champion Procom
Champion Procom Team 1
1st Runner-up 4th Division Team 1
2nd Runner-up Procom Team 2


The Wheel Challenge is a MSD event, which is held annually for the divisions. Do enquire with your division, or email joe_sim@hometeamns.sg if you wish to participate in the event.

Click here to check out the full event photos from Wheel Challenge 2017!