Top 5 Reasons why women should join REAL Run

With so many runs happening in Singapore today, it becomes hard to pick which ones to go for. But no worries, here are the top 5 reasons you should join REAL® Run this year!

Different terrains mean more FUN!

You can get new kicks! Running on different terrains requires shoes that will give you grip on shifting gravel, and yet still provide enough cushioning when you hit tarmac. REAL® Run doesn’t just consist of one type of terrain. Cause that’s boring! We’ve got gravel, tarmac AND road waiting for you!

Have no idea what type of shoes to buy? Don’t fret. We’ve got you. Here are some of the best multi-terrain running shoes you can consider investing in.

Cloudventure by ON


Reebok All Terrain Super

Adidas Adizero XT3

inov-8 roclite 290


This year, REAL® Run allows runners to choose between siding with a firefighter (SCDF) or crimefighter (SPF). You can don a swanky runner’s tee in either a vibrant orange or blue, depending on which side you choose to show your support for. The runner’s tee is sponsored by ON- Swiss-based running/sports brand. It is made from highly absorbable dri-fit material that will wick all off your sweat rapidly away from your body to prevent over-heating. The high-tech fabric also provides protection. This simple, yet effective tee has been engineered for speed and is ultralight! You’ll also get to add our very pretty medal to your collection!

Blue or orange- you decide.

Great way to stay in shape

Having trouble shedding that last kilogram or two? Taking part in a run will give you the motivation to train and run. You’ll naturally start eating cleaner, sending yourself to bed earlier and most importantly, setting aside time to run. Lots of research has confirmed that running enables you to burn the highest amount of calories in a shorter period of time!

Run the stress away

When you run, your cortisol levels will go down AND your brain releases endorphins that make you feel gooood. What’s more, a lot of female runners have found that running serves as a constant in an ever-changing and hectic lifestyle. Most women have shared that running helps them think clearly and melts all of their stress away. It’s even been scientifically proven- running is the most effective exercise in tackling anxiety.

Your body will thank you


Studies have shown the multitude of benefits that you can reap from running. When your feet pound the ground, your heart gets a really good workout, protecting you from heart disease and strokes.  You will have a significantly lower risk of diabetes and osteoporosis (running helps to increase bone mass). Running can also prevent blood clots, increase good cholesterol levels AND reduce blood pressure. To top it all off, running gives your immunity a MEGA-boost, so you’re less likely to go down with the common cold and other viruses.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for REAL® Run now! What’s more, ladies get a get discount! Just use the code “WATCHME”. Promo ends 31 August 2017.

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