HomeTeamNS Screens – Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

New legends will be born and the final battle for freedom is yet to come…

Will you get yourself swept up in this final space-opera epic battle and bring the Skywalker saga to a definitive end?

HomeTeamNS is proud to have exclusive tickets and popcorn combos just for you.

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL – Register and pay by 28 Nov 2019 to receive an exclusive door gift on the event day!

  • Date: 20 December 2019, Friday
  • Event Day Registration period: 6:30pm – 7:30pm
  • Movie Start Time: Between 7:30pm – 8:00pm (Exact timing to be confirmed closer to event day)
  • Venue: The Cathay, 2 Handy Road, Level 5

Participation Fee 

Tickets subsidised by HomeTeamNS
  • $10 per pax OR
  • $25 for 3 pax (with promo code: HEROES)
*Price includes movie ticket(s) and popcorn combo(s).

There’s been a change! Members can now purchase a maximum of 3 tickets at any one time. Nevertheless, we’ve got something great just for you to get that extra ticket:

From now till 31 Dec 2019, all mothers and wives of Home Team NSmen are eligible for a free 2-Year HomeTeamNS Family Membership worth $20. Unlock a world of exciting perks & privileges for your loved ones today.

Registration is immediate and thereafter you may use your wife or mother’s membership to get your tickets via the link above!



Each member may purchase a maximum of 3 tickets only. Should you wish to purchase more, another member is required to make the purchase.

As each member is only allowed a maximum of 3 tickets, you will require another member to assist you in making the additional purchase. You may sign your wife or mother up for a FREE 2-Year Family Membership and immediately purchase your tickets then.

Holders of HomeTeamNS Ordinary, Associate and Family membership only.

All seating will be allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis, depending on the date and time that payment is made. Seating will be allocated starting from the top left (furthest from the screen).

HomeTeamNS will try to sit all members and their friends/ families together. However, as total no. of attendees may vary and the cinema seating may not allow even distribution of seats, some attendees may be separated by the aisle or may be seated on the same column but on a different row.

Doors will open at least 15 minutes before movie start time. As seats have been allocated, members need not queue in advance. We encourage taking this time to explore the HomeTeamNS booth on-site to find out exciting happenings and membership promotions.

Door gift will be issued during ticket collection.

You may collect your tickets on the event day at the HomeTeamNS Booth.

The promo code is case-sensitive (HEROES) and only eligible for those valid to join in the event and also only for groups of 3.


Registration & Payment
  • Members are only entitled a maximum of 3 tickets.
  • All registration must be made via the HomeTeamNS Event Portal.
  • Registration period ends on 28 Nov 2019, 2359HRS or while stocks last.
  • Successful registration sent is not an indication of confirmed ticket.
  • Members who wish to purchase more than 3 tickets, will require another valid HomeTeamNS member to make the registration and purchase.
  • Tickets will only be reserved and allocated once payment has been successfully made.
  • Successful payment will result in an immediate confirmation email and receipt sent to the indicated email address.
  • All attending pax should be accounted for in the payment receipt.
  • All payment made to HomeTeamNS are non-refundable.
Movie Tickets & Popcorn Combo
  • Preferred movie timings will be allocated on a first come first serve basis, as per date and time of payment made.
  • Popcorn combo will be pre-seated for all attendees. No collection is required.
  • Confirmation email and receipt may be required to be presented as proof of purchase during ticket collection.
  • Children above the height of 90cm, will require a ticket for admission.
  • All tickets are while stocks last.
  • HomeTeamNS will not be liable for any refusal of entry to the cinema by Cathay Cineplex.
  • By registering, participants agree to being photographed and video recorded on the event day for the purpose of publicity and for use in future publicity collaterals.
  • By registering, participants agree to receiving Email and SMS update pertaining to HomeTeamNS events and promotions.
  • HomeTeamNS reserves the rights to reject participants who have not adhered to the payment terms from participating in the event.
  • HomeTeamNS reserves the right to amend the Terms & Conditions without any prior notice.
  • Event registration counter will close at 8.00pm.
  • Any members who arrive after 8.00pm would have forfeited their tickets.
  • Other terms and conditions apply.

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