I am a TRACOM SGSecure Trainer and an Assistant Professor at University of Glasglow (Singapore). My appointments are in support of the SGSecure movement, which trains the community to better protect themselves against potential terrorist attacks and to safeguard their way of life.

As a TRACOM SGSecure Trainer, I supplement the existing TRACOM Police Officer Trainers by conducting training workshops for PNSmen, PNFmen and regulars. At these workshops, I share how police officers should conduct themselves when they relay the SGSecure message to Singapore residents. . In addition, I assist the TRACOM police officer trainers in assessing officers when they conduct house-to-house visits.

During these home visits, the officers speak to members of the public about SGSecure and introduce them to the SGSecure app so that they are aware of the platform for receiving information and sharing feedback. The SGSecure training package aims to sensitise the community on potential terrorist threats, helping them to better react during an attack and also after it. I see myself as someone who tries to make the SGSecure messages relevant to the people I share them with so that they, in turn, can spread the messages to others. As a nation, then, we will be more ready to deal with any possible attack and rally together to help one another.

The challenging aspect of our work lies in convincing people that it is crucial to be proactive in taking the necessary actions to safeguard ourselves, our families and our community in times of relative peace. It is also about knowing what to do during and after a crisis. More importantly, we work hard to help people realise that a terror attack is not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’. Knowing that I can play a part in helping others be ready for that crisis scenario makes my involvement meaningful. Fifty years have passed since the inception of National Service. Within each year of the last 50, the rationale behind the NS concept has changed. Many new recruits lament at being called up for National Service, and I used to be one of them. But now, after having a family of my own, I am grateful to the National Servicemen for keeping the status quo in Singapore. As we celebrate 50 years of National Service in Singapore, we must be wary of the ever-changing facades of threats that we face. I am fully supportive of the SGSecure movement to equip citizens with the necessary skills and knowledge with regard to these threats.


TRACOM SGSecure Trainer

Assistant Professor, University of Glasglow (Singapore)


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