WHEEL Challenge

It was a Fast & Furious affair, as aspiring racers from MSD came together to vie for the top spot at the second edition of HomeTeamNS Wheel You Take Up The Challenge 2018: Karting Edition. Fan favourite challenges from last year – Narrow Plank & Tyre Change – were also back on a much tougher, uphill road. This year’s edition also saw the inclusion of the Figure 8 challenge for motorbikes and of course the 50KPH Go-Kart race. When the dust from the race settled, only the best few divisions emerged as Kings of the Road!


2016-2017 2017-2018
Overall Champion PROCOM ‘A’ Division
Champion PROCOM Team 1 ‘A’ Division Team 2
1st Runner-up 4th Division Team 1 Airport Police Division Team 1
2nd Runner-up PROCOM Team 2 TRANSCOM Team 2


The Wheel Challenge is a MSD event, which is held annually for the divisions. Do enquire with your division, or email joe_sim@hometeamns.sg if you wish to participate in the event.

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