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First Clubhouse in Singapore to Incorporate an Eco-Filtration System

Traditionally, swimming pool filtration systems use sand for removing contaminates and keeping the water clear. HomeTeamNS Khatib is the first clubhouse in Singapore to incorporate an ECO-filtration system (bio-film filtration) for its swimming pools, which sanitises the water with photocatalytic oxidisation. Without the need for chemicals like chlorine, this offers twice the lifetime usage of conventional decontamination methods, reducing energy use and up to 50 per cent water usage for pool maintenance.

This is a relatively new technology for swimming pools, which sanitises the water without harsh chemicals like chlorine and that only pure drinking-quality water is released into the pool. This technique, inspired by nature’s own way of sterilising the earth’s atmosphere, has no strong, lingering chlorine smell, unlike other cleaning processes.

The 8-lane swimming pool with eco-filtration technology is location at level 1 of HomeTeamNS Khatib Clubhouse.