On March 13, 2015, the Singapore Good Design Mark 2015 was awarded to HomeTeamNS for its Balestier, Bukit Batok and Chinatown clubhouses.

In 2014, HomeTeamNS commissioned D’Perception Ritz to revamp and upgrade the three clubhouses in order to keep up with the contemporary lifestyle of Singapore. With that in mind, the interior design was set up in such a way that it would feel welcoming yet exclusive.

HomeTeamNS was able to stylishly upgrade the Clubhouses, creating a feel of expansiveness; tessellation and texturing of walls with accent moss tiles; punctuating of plain tiles with strips of stainless steel for a modern feel; space planning for the optimisation of natural light; and the conversion of spiral staircase into a grand stairway.
Additional Clubhouse space was also reclaimed and rezoned to augment HomeTeamNS service offering. Through partnership with specialist service providers and tenants, the three Clubhouses now offer more F&B and retail options, as well as grocery shopping, child enrichment classes, Laser Quest, fitness gyms, KTV rooms, sports and other recreation facilities in modern contemporary settings.




About SG Mark – SG50 Special Award

The SG50 Special Edition is specially awarded to products that have evolved with the nation’s building while holding a place in the hearts of Singaporeans at the same time. Its purpose is to remind Singaporeans the contribution of design in retrospect to everyday life.
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