1.         What is this “HomeTeamNS Celebrates Life” campaign about?

The “HomeTeamNS Celebrates Life” campaign serves to recognise Singapore Police Force (SPF) and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) National Servicemen (NSmen) and their families by celebrating life’s simple pleasures in a big way. Hence, we are giving away 20,000 limited edition figurines as one of the unique ways to show our appreciation towards our NSmen’s contributions in making Singapore safe and secure.

This initiative mirrors the Association’s new brand values – to offer fun-filled activities, personal development opportunities, exclusive membership privileges as well as a place for NSmen to bond with their fellow buddies and families. It is also in line with our HomeTeamNS 10th year anniversary and SG50 celebrations next year.

To enjoy all the privileges HomeTeamNS has to offer, we encourage all Home Team NSmen to <Sign Up> with us!

2.         What do the little figurines represent?
The little figurines represent the closest people in our life that we wish to protect as well as serve as an effervescent reminder why we call Singapore our home. In addition, each little figurine was carefully handcrafted to ensure that every piece is unique to illustrate certain life values that is synonymous with our newly transformed brand. The table below provides a summary of life values that each little figurine symbolises.

FigurineMeaning/Life Values
SPF NSmanThe Protectors – Integrity, Security, Loyalty
SCDF NSmanThe Lifesavers – Care, Courage, Safety
REAL Run FamilyThe Family – Bonding, Sense of Belonging, Hope
Pioneer GenerationThe Pioneers – Resilience, Respect, Harmony
StrongmanThe Hero – Strength, Health, Camaraderie

3.         How long will this campaign run?
The campaign will run for a total of 16 weeks, and about 20,000 limited edition figurines will be distributed every weekend on trains. It will start on Sat, 20 Dec 2014 and the campaign will end on Sun, 29 Mar 2015.

4.         How can I get the figurines?
The first batch of figurines will be distributed via a North East Line (NEL) train on Sat, 20 Dec 2014 up to Sun, 25 Jan 2015. The second batch of figurines will be distributed via a North South Line (NSL) train from 21 Feb 2015 onwards until the end of the campaign on Sun, 29 Mar 2015. Please note that the replenishments of these figurines will only be done at each weekend for the above-mentioned periods.

*Update: As of 6 Jan 2015 onwards, NEL train will carry the figurines on Wed and Sun.
*Update: No campaign installation during Chinese New Year 2015 period from 18 Feb to 23 Feb
*Update: Redeem your figurines from 28 Apr 2015 to 4 May 2015 at Bukit Batok Clubhouse. While stocks last. After 4 May, the only way to win the figurines will be through our Membership Events!Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1.         What is the material that the figurines are made up of? Is it safe for children?
Parents to note that these figurines are not toys. The figurines were made from Paulinda Super Dough Clay. For more information about the clay, visit The figurines also contain small parts (WARNING – choking hazard), and unsuitable for children under 7 years old. Adult supervision is required if their children is playing with the figurines.2.         What if my figurine is broken/damaged? Can I get a replacement/exchange?
These figurines are on a limited run, hence, there will be no replacements for damaged or broken figurines.

3.         Is there a way to fix a damaged figurine? How much will it cost?
The figurines are easily fixed with the Selleys Craft Glue. This glue is readily available at your local handicraft or Popular bookstore.

4.         Why are the figurines distributed on the NEL and NSL?
Figurines will be distributed on NEL and NSL as the majority of our HomeTeamNS members are staying at these areas and our clubhouses are located along these train lines.
5.         How can I have a complete set of the figurines?
Members should LIKE us on Facebook ( or visit our clubhouses at Balestier, Bukit Batok, Chinatown and Sembawang to stay updated on exclusive promotions where they could stand a chance to win a complete set of these figurines.

6.         Where can I purchase the complete set of figurines? Who is the manufacturer?
Interested members are unable to purchase these figurines on the market as they are on a limited edition run. We worked with a local artist and miniaturist, Madam Quek Kin who specialises in handmade miniature food and figurines. You can visit to find out more about her wonderful creations.

7.         Is there any way that would I know which NEL/NSL-bound train will carry the figurines?
Only one train will be carrying limited quantities of the figurines during the weekends. We have decorated the internal train with stickers, and hangers so that you will not miss our figurines. However, we are unable to share the scheduled timings which the train will run.

Exclusive Giveaway for Members

8.         For the exclusive weekly figurines giveaway at Bukit Batok Clubhouse, what should members do to collect?

There will be different “requirements” that HomeTeamNS members need to fulfil before collecting their figurine each week. For the first giveaway on 6 Mar 2015, members need to flash their HomeTeamNS card and download the mobile app to get their figurine. The giveaway will commence on every Friday at Bukit Batok Clubhouse from March 2015 onwards. While stocks last!

9.         How many figurines will the member be entitled to per week for the exclusive giveaway?

Each member can only collect one (1) figurine for each weekly giveaway.

10.       How am I able to find out whether the figurines are still available at each giveaway?

The HomeTeamNS Facebook page will update once the stocks for each giveaway runs low (about 30 pieces left), and another announcement will be made on its page once the figurines ran out for that day.

11.       Will there be plans to extend this giveaway to other HomeTeamNS Clubhouses?

Future plans to disseminate the figurines at other clubhouses will be updated on HomeTeamNS Facebook page.

12.       Who are eligible to receive the exclusive weekly giveaway?

Only HomeTeamNS members (Ordinary, Associate, Family and Social) will be eligible for this giveaway.

13.       Where can I get more information on the SPF/SCDF figurines giveaway?

The information will be made available on HomeTeamNS Facebook Page.

For more enquiries, contact PR & Comms department at