The Home Team Celebrates 50 Years of National Service

National Service (NS) was first introduced in the Police Force in 1967, on a part-time basis. The MacDonald House bombing in March 1965 highlighted the importance of a large citizen army and Police force to safeguard Singapore’s security. Full-time NS in the Police was established in 1975, following the Laju terrorist incident in 1974. The role of Police National Servicemen has since expanded to include both peacetime and emergency functions.

NS for the SCDF had its roots in 1976, when full-time NS was established in the Singapore Fire Brigade. In 1981, the Construction Brigade was established in the Civil Defence Command to develop a group of NS personnel who were well-trained in building repairs, reconstruction of installations and restoration of essential utilities. Between 1986 and 1990, SCDF’s operational capabilities were further enhanced when they inducted more than 70,000 SAF and Police National Servicemen to continue their Operationally Ready National Service (ORNS) in the SCDF.

Generations of Home Team National Servicemen have contributed to the safety and security of Singapore. Our National Servicemen are an integral part of the Home Team, united by the important mission to protect Singaporeans and our way of life. Since 1967, more than 260,000 men have served NS or are serving NS in the Home Team. There are currently more than 8,500 NSFs and 43,000 ORNSmen in the SPF and SCDF.

The Home Team joins the nation in saluting all our past and present national servicemen for your commitment and sacrifice. Let’s show our support and stand in unison with our Home Team National Servicemen!

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