HomeTeamNS Grand Lucky Draw 2019

Stand to win a brand new ŠKODA OCTAVIA 1.4L! 


Simply SIGN UP or RENEW your HomeTeamNS Membership during the qualifying period, between 23 March 2019 to 29 February 2020*.

  • HomeTeamNS Grand Lucky Draw 2019 is open to HomeTeamNS Ordinary, Associate and Family members.
  • *Not applicable for any free membership sign-up/renewal.

Increase your chances of winning by signing up for a longer membership term!




HomeTeamNS members enjoy exclusive deals of $1,500 off Cat A and $3,000 off Cat B cars with ŠKODA

Grand Lucky Draw Terms and Conditions

  • Qualifying period: 23 March 2019, 0000 hours to 29 Feb 2020, 2359 hours.
  • HomeTeamNS Grand Lucky Draw (Prize Car) is open to HomeTeamNS Ordinary, Associate and Family members (exclude employees) who have signed up/renewed for 2-year, 5-year and/or 10-year membership during the qualifying period. This is not applicable to any free membership sign-up/renewal.
  • Each participant is entitled to:
    • One (1) participating draw chance per 2-year membership sign-up/renewal
    • Five (5) participating draw chances per 5-year membership sign-up/renewal
    • Ten (10) participating draw chances per 10-year membership sign-up/renewal
  • Prize Car excludes Certificate of Entitlement (COE), Additional Registration Fee (ARF), Servicing Programmes, Motor Vehicle Insurance, Registration Fees, Road Tax, and other incidentals.
  • Prize Winner will pay the cost of the road tax, Additional Registration Fee (ARF), registration fees and COE of the Prize Car.
  • Prize Winner must register the Prize Car within 1 month from the date of announcement of the result of the draw with all expenses of the registration of the Car, insurance and all related costs paid (failing which all charges for warehousing or any other payments due on the Prize Car must be paid by the Prize Winner).
  • The colour of the Prize Car is subject to availability. The standard fittings, fixtures and accessories of the Car will be provided and determined by SKODA.
  • The Prize Car is non-transferable and non-negotiable. Prize Winner is not allowed to sell the Vehicle back to SKODA in exchange for cash payment.
  • The Finalists will be contacted via Mobile and/or E-mail.
  • Prize Winner’s NRIC is required at the point of prize collection for verification and acknowledgment purpose.
  • Prize Winner is expected to share a short testimonial and photo taking session for HomeTeamNS publicity materials (including social media platform – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).
  • Prize Winner must be able to attend the allocated HomeTeamNS event for the prize presentation, of which details will be shared at a later date. If Prize Winner fails to attend the event, the Prize Car will be forfeited without any compensation.
  • The draw will be done by HomeTeamNS, according to the Membership sign-ups and/ or renewals transaction recorded in HomeTeamNS point-of-sales system.
  • Everyday (Her)oes Free 2-Year Family Membership sign ups are not eligible for the HomeTeamNS Grand Lucky Draw.
  • HomeTeamNS decision on the winner is final. Appeals and requests for re-draws will not be entertained.
  • By participating in the Grand Lucky Draw, the participants consent to HomeTeamNS and SKODA’s disclosure and/or use of his/her personal information (e.g. and not limiting to Name, NRIC, mobile, email and mailing address), for the purposes of present or future marketing campaigns and/or programmes at any time at HomeTeamNS and SKODA’s discretion.
  • HomeTeamNS and SKODA strive to protect your privacy while providing you with the best service and experience we can provide. All such personal information in our possession is valued and is collected, used, disclosed and protected in accordance with the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (“PDPA”).
  • HomeTeamNS reserves the right to alter the terms of this promotion without prior notice.