Founded in 1998 by the first Golflinks Chairman Mr Sim Kheng Chin, CDANS Golflinks & SPANS Golfing Section merged in 2005 and is now known as Golflinks. Over the years, Golflinks has even expanded its games to international ranges. As a HomeTeamNS Golflinks Member, you will be entitled to special rates at both Sembawang Country Club and NSRCC. You may also opt to sign up for an upsized package which will also entitle you to discounted rates at Changi Golf Club as well!

Golflinks offer a range of games such as:

  • Monthly Golf

  • Overseas Golf

  • Annual Golf Tournament

  • Inter-Club Tournament

Join us to enjoy special rates and we hope you will have a swinging good time!


Ordinary / Associate / Family Members
Term Membership Fee
2 years $25.00
Social Members
Term Membership Fee
2 years $30.00
Upsized Membership (2 years Golflink + 1 year CGC Membership)
Ordinary / Associate / Family Members $393.00
Social Members $408.00

CGC SGM-HTNS Membership Sign Up Eligibility Conditions

  1. The HomeTeamNS member must have minimum 2-years membership validity to be eligible to sign up for GolfLinks membership.
  2. The GolfLinks member must have minimum 1-year membership validity to be eligible to sign up for CGC membership.
  3. The GolfLinks member must be 17 years old & above.
  4. The GolfLinks member must have a minimum of a golf proficiency certificate and must submit a printed copy to attach to your CGC application form.
  5. For GolfLinks members who instead wants to use your Golf Handicap Index, you shall obtain your Golf Handicap Index (through the Singapore Golf Association Centralised Handicapping System (SGA CHS) via https://chs.sga.org.sg/#/) and submit a printed copy to attach to your CGC application form.
  6. The GolfLinks member must not be blacklisted by CGC.
  7. In consideration of obtaining a SGM-HTNS Membership for the use of the Membership Services, each GolfLinks Member shall pay to HOMETEAMNS only the SGM-HTNS Membership Fee as CGC is not allowed to collect the payment.
  8. Applications for SGM-HTNS Membership shall be subject to approval by HomeTeamNS & CGC. HomeTeamNS & CGC reserves its rights to reject any application for SGM-HTNS Membership at its discretion.

Changi Golf Club – Social Golfing HomeTeamNS Membership Application

Please read the FULL Terms & Conditions before submitting the register interest form below for Upsized Membership.

Note: Application registration time for register interest to completed application forms submission is expected at a minimum of 30 working days to a maximum of 90 working days subject to prevailing and unforeseeable conditions and will be at HomeTeamNS & CGC discretion.



Please read the Terms & Conditions before booking with Sembawang Country Club (SCC).



GolfLinks Membership Related Enquiries: GolfLinks@hometeamns.sg