World Cup Live Screening at HomeTeamNS-JOM Balestier

World Cup 2022 at Balestier Clubhouse

FREE live screenings of World Cup 2022 and other fringe activities await you at HomeTeamNS-JOM Balestier! After a long 4-year wait... the Cup of Life is back! Catch all 64 games 'live' for FREE with your family and friends!

‘Live’ screenings of the FIFA World Cup 2022 will be taking place at HomeTeamNS-JOM Balestier Clubhouse Lobby/Function Room from 21 Nov to 18 Dec 2022.

Live Screenings: Group Stages

World Cup 2022 at Balestier Clubhouse bl

FREE 'Live' Screening

For Group Stage matches
  • No registration required
  • Walk-ins welcomed
  • HomeTeamNS Members get priority seating and a snack pack

Live Screenings: Round of 16, Quarter-finals, Semi-finals & Final


Passes for the quarterfinal games onwards will be available soon, closer to the quarterfinal dates.

Date: 3 to 18 Dec 2022

World Cup 2022 Match Schedule

World Cup Bracket
Local Date (SG)DayLocal Time (SG)MatchStage
21-NovMonday12:00 AMQatar vs Ecuador (Grp A)Group Stage
21-NovMonday9:00 PMEngland vs Iran (Grp B)Group Stage
22-NovTuesday12:00 AMSenegal vs Netherlands (Grp A)Group Stage
22-NovTuesday3:00 AMUSA vs Wales (Grp B)Group Stage
22-NovTuesday6:00 PMArgentina vs Saudi Arabia (Grp C)Group Stage
22-NovTuesday9:00 PMDenmark vs Tunisia (Grp D)Group Stage
23-NovWednesday12:00 AMMexico vs Poland (Grp C)Group Stage
23-NovWednesday3:00 AMFrance vs Australia (Grp D)Group Stage
23-NovWednesday6:00 PMMorocco vs Croatia (Grp F)Group Stage
23-NovWednesday9:00 PMGermany vs Japan (Grp E)Group Stage
24-NovThursday12:00 AMSpain vs Costa Rica (Grp E)Group Stage
24-NovThursday3:00 AMBelgium vs Canada (Grp F)Group Stage
24-NovThursday6:00 PMSwitzerland vs Cameroon (Grp G)Group Stage
24-NovThursday9:00 PMUruguay vs South Korea (Grp H)Group Stage
25-NovFriday12:00 AMPortugal vs Ghana (Grp H)Group Stage
25-NovFriday3:00 AMBrazil vs Serbia (Grp G)Group Stage
25-NovFriday6:00 PMWales vs Iran (Grp B)Group Stage
25-NovFriday9:00 PMQatar vs Senegal (Grp A)Group Stage
26-NovSaturday12:00 AMNetherlands vs Ecuador (Grp A)Group Stage
26-NovSaturday3:00 AMEngland vs USA (Grp B)Group Stage
26-NovSaturday6:00 PMTunisia vs Australia (Grp D)Group Stage
26-NovSaturday9:00 PMPoland vs Saudi Arabia (Grp C)Group Stage
27-NovSunday12:00 AMFrance vs Denmark (Grp D)Group Stage
27-NovSunday3:00 AMArgentina vs Mexico (Grp C)Group Stage
27-NovSunday6:00 PMJapan vs Costa Rica (Grp E)Group Stage
27-NovSunday9:00 PMBelgium vs Morocco (Grp F)Group Stage
28-NovMonday12:00 AMCroatia vs Canada (Grp F)Group Stage
28-NovMonday3:00 AMSpain vs Germany (Grp E)Group Stage
28-NovMonday6:00 PMCameroon vs Serbia (Grp G)Group Stage
28-NovMonday9:00 PMSouth Korea vs Ghana (Grp H)Group Stage
29-NovTuesday12:00 AMBrazil vs Switzerland (Grp G)Group Stage
29-NovTuesday3:00 AMPortugal vs Uruguay (Grp H)Group Stage
29-NovTuesday11:00 PMEcuador vs Senegal (Grp A)
Netherlands vs Qatar (Grp A)
Group Stage
30-NovWednesday3:00 AMWales vs England (Grp B)
Iran vs USA (Grp B)
Group Stage
30-NovWednesday11:00 PMAustralia vs Denmark (Grp D)
Tunisia vs France (Grp D)
Group Stage
1-DecThursday3:00 AMPoland vs Argentina (Grp C)
Saudi Arabia vs Mexico (Grp C)
Group Stage
1-DecThursday11:00 PMCroatia vs Belgium (Grp F)
Canada vs Morocco (Grp F)
Group Stage
2-DecFriday3:00 AMJapan vs Spain (Grp E)
Costa Rica vs Germany (Grp E)
Group Stage
2-DecFriday11:00 PMGhana vs Uruguay (Grp H)
South Korea vs Portugal (Grp H)
Group Stage
3-DecSaturday3:00 AMSerbia vs Switzerland (Grp G)
Cameroon vs Brazil (Grp G)
Group Stage
Local Date (SG)DayLocal Time (SG)MatchStage
3-DecSaturday11:00 PMWinner Group A vs Runner-up Group B (R16)Round of 16
4-DecSunday3:00 AMWinner Group C vs Runner-up Group D (R16)Round of 16
4-DecSunday11:00 PMWinner Group D vs Runner-up Group C (R16)Round of 16
5-DecMonday3:00 AMWinner Group B vs Runner-up Group A (R16)Round of 16
5-DecMonday11:00 PMWinner Group E vs Runner-up Group F (R16)Round of 16
6-DecTuesday3:00 AMWinner Group G vs Runner-up Group H (R16)Round of 16
6-DecTuesday11:00 PMWinner Group F vs Runner-up Group E (R16)Round of 16
7-DecWednesday3:00 AMWinner Group H vs Runner-up Group G (R16)Round of 16
9-DecFriday11:00 PMWinner Match 53 vs Winner Match 54 (Quarters)Quarter-final
10-DecSaturday3:00 AMWinner Match 49 vs Winner Match 50 (Quarters)Quarter-final
10-DecSaturday11:00 PMWinner Match 55 vs Winner Match 56 (Quarters)Quarter-final
11-DecSunday3:00 AMWinner Match 51 vs Winner Match 52 (Quarters)Quarter-final
14-DecWednesday3:00 AMWinner Match 57 vs Winner Match 58 (Semi)Semi-final
15-DecThursday3:00 AMWinner Match 59 vs Winner Match 60 (Semi)Semi-final
17-DecSaturday11:00 PMLoser Match 61 vs Loser Match 62 (Third Place)3rd Place Play-off
18-DecSunday11:00 PMWinner Match 61 vs Winner Match 62 (Final)Final

Fringe Activities

World Cup Live Screening 2022

Drop by Balestier clubhouse on the weekends during this period to redeem a treat and enjoy kid-friendly World Cup-themed activities at the lobby. 

Date: Every weekend

Price: FREE

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our event is open for all ages. However, we advise parents/guardians to supervise and accompany the young children in all our clubhouse activities. The children’s participation in the activities will be at the discretion of their parents/guardians.

The World Cup live screenings will be held either in the clubhouse lobby/the function room depending on the event days. You may proceed to the clubhouse lobby and our staff will direct you accordingly.

Both matches will be screened at the same time side by side! In the case that we will only be able to screen only one of the 2 ongoing matches due to any unforeseen circumstances, we will provide an update on our Facebook page – HomeTeamNS-JOM Clubhouse. So do follow our Facebook page to receive the latest updates!

Yes, the live screening is open to all! However, HomeTeamNS members get priority seating and a snack pack.

Still got an unanswered question? You may email in your enquiry here

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