Halloween event at Balestier Clubhouse

The Great Clubhouse of Witchcraft & Wizardry | Halloween at Balestier Clubhouse

The Great Clubhouse is open to visitation for all witches and wizards! Come on down to visit the various magical districts.

Halloween is here. You’re invited to visit The Great Clubhouse and take part in its various magical-themed activities!

A Halloween Gathering of Witches & Wizards

A Clubhouse Halloween Event

All aboard the train to visit The Great Clubhouse!

Be prepared for a magical experience at our Balestier Clubhouse, from 29 to 30 October 2022, as you take part in tons of FUN activities including a wand-making workshop, meeting magical characters, wizarding game stalls, fun photoshoots, a magical haunted house and more!

And of course, we are on the lookout for the Best Dress Wizard/Witch from across all the lands…so do dress your best as a witch/wizard or some other magical characters as you’d like (be creative)!

The Great Clubhouse of Witchcraft & Wizardry event will be suitable for all kids and adults to take part.

Date: 29-30 October 2022

Sessions for each day: 5 pm & 7 pm

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The Great Clubhouse & its Districts...

The Great Clubhouse is a magical place! There are 4 key districts at the clubhouse. Each visitor to the Great Clubhouse can visit each unique district and participate in their activities (completion of all districts/activities is optional).

The Great Clubhouse is a magical place! There are 4 key districts at the clubhouse. Each visitor to the Great Clubhouse will receive a traveller’s pass and he/she can participate in the various activities in the districts to earn the stamps on his/her pass (participation in some districts/activities is optional).

Gathering Hall - HomeTeamNS Halloween

The Great Clubhouse
Gathering Hall

This is where you meet fellow witches and wizards! You will also be making your own wand and magic crest here because which witch or wizard doesn't have one?

Wizarding Tournament Bazaar - HomeTeamNS Halloween

The Grand Wizards
Tournament Bazaar

The Grand Wizards took part in death-defying tournament games. Lucky for you, you can experience the harmless, mini-version of those games at the bazaar stalls.

Dungeons of Balestier's Beasts - HomeTeamNS Halloween

The Dungeons of
Balestier's Beasts*

Legend has it that scary, magical beasts lurk in the dungeons of the Great Clubhouse... Will you be the brave witch/wizard to find out what exactly lurks within?

The Mystical Lake - HomeTeamNS Halloween

The Mystical

Have a swim in the mystical waters of this lake which will make you youthful. Oh, and we heard there are some magical creatures residing at the lake too!

*The Dungeons is a Haunted House experience. It is optional for participants.

**Swimming pool will only be open for the event from 6 pm onwards on both event days.

**Swimming at the pool is optional for participants. Participants can also swim outside of the session hours they signed up for (either before or after their session time). Remember to bring along your swimwear if you’d like to swim!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our Halloween event is open for all ages. However, we advise for parents/guardians to supervise and accompany the young children in all activities. The children’s participation in the activities will be at the discretion of their parents/guardians.

Yes! In fact, completion/participation of all activities in the various districts are optional. If all the signed-up pax do not wish to participate in the haunted house experience, it would also be helpful to us if you can indicate ‘no’ accordingly in the registration.

Yes! While we seek your cooperation to take part in our other activities within the session timing that you signed up for, we do allow and encourage you to take your time and swim as long as you would like before/after the session hours (simply register at the event registration counter earlier if you wish to have your swim before taking part in our other activities. However, do take note that the swimming pool will only be available from 6 pm onwards for the event. Our event at the swimming pool will end at 9 pm.

The event registration counter will open at 4.45 pm on both days.

There are a few possible reasons for this:

  1. Your HomeTeamNS Membership is expiring soon. You may simply renew his/her membership here.
  2. You do not have a valid HomeTeamNS Membership.

Yes, you can! Simply select ‘Non-member’ or other affiliate membership types under the Membership Type field when registering.

All registrations are non-refundable and non-transferable once registered.

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