Entrepreneurs Interest Group

Founded by a team of businessmen and entrepreneurs from various industries, Entrepreneurship Interest Group (EIG) is a team of like-minded members with keen interest in business and start-ups who are ever ready to share experiences to help fellow members to grow and excel in their business ventures.

Our Vision

To create a vibrant community of successful entrepreneurial leaders. We want to create a rewarding experience for all aspiring and successful entrepreneurs within the network of HomeTeamNS.

Our Objectives

  • To foster quality service, closer links and establish networking opportunities for all entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs within HomeTeamNS.
  • To enhance and promote opportunities for HomeTeamNS members interested in entrepreneurship through social and education related activities.
  • To provide an avenue for like-minded entrepreneurs within HomeTeamNS to connect, network and pool resources together to share information and business opportunities.
  • To serve as a platform for HomeTeamNS members to receive guidance and support from successful entrepreneurs.


EIG provides a platform for members to enhance Social Interaction and Bonding among members. Members will also get an opportunity for to share their interests and learn new skills through the various activities that are conducted.

Knowledge Garage EIG Organizes regular networking session, training and courses with the intent to equip members with technical skills to manage and run businesses.
Learning Journeys Excursions and visits to companies to meet and learn from successful businessmen.
Light Bulb Gatherings A networking session with open topics for discussions and exchanges among members aiming to create opportunities to exchange business contacts and leads.
TEAM Mates A regular talk and exchange among members to stay bonded.


Join us as a Entrepreneurship member and find yourself venturing on your own business!
For aspiring businessmen:
  • Prepare yourself and find out what it takes to own and manage a successful venture as a boss!
For existing businessmen:
  • Learn new tactics to grow and excel in your business venture
  • Expand sales lead and grow your market
  • Find solutions to issues that you face