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Notice on Collection and Usage of NRIC for Verification Purposes

From 1 September 2019, companies can only ask for your NRIC number* if required by the law or if necessary to prove your identity.

HomeTeamNS is respectful of your privacy and committed to protecting your personal data. Where required, we will only request for your Partial NRIC (last 3-digit plus 1 alphabet) and to sight your NRIC when needed, to verify your identity and membership status. No data is collected for the purpose of verification.

*Treatment applies to Foreign Identification Number (FIN), Work Permit number and Birth Certificate number, as well as identification documents containing these numbers.

Over-the-Counter Transactions

Members will only be required to provide partial NRIC (SXXXX345A) for verification.

New Card Face

We have ceased printing NRIC numbers on our card faces. If you are holding on to a valid card with the old design (pre-2019), you may do a 1-to-1 exchange at any of our clubhouses. No replacement fee required.

Enhanced Member’s Portal

All unique login IDs carrying NRIC numbers on our Member’s Portal will be replaced with the member’s registered mobile number*

*Members are encouraged to update to facilitate the new login.

Services Requiring Continued Usage of NRIC

*As your NRIC number serves as a validation of your membership in our current event and facility booking portals, we would still require it as an identifier for the provision of our services while we enhance our system to switch to the new login credentials. We expect to effect these changes in September. Please be assured that proper procedures are in place to securely store all sensitive information and no personal data is retained or collected beyond the minimum necessary.


From 1 September 2019, organisations are expected to stop collecting, using or disclosing customers’ NRIC and other national identification numbers where it is not required under the law or necessary to establish or verify an individual’s identity to a high degree of fidelity. Visit here for more details.

Where required, we will only request for your Partial NRIC (last 3-digit plus 1 alphabet) and to sight your NRIC when needed, to verify your identity and membership status. No data is collected for the purpose of verification.

HomeTeamNS membership application requires collection of NRIC details from Applicants to verify against the records from the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) and Singapore Police Force (SPF) nominal rolls in order to confirm eligibility. This is applicable to both Ordinary and Associate Membership sign-ups. For Family Membership application, a photocopy of marriage certificate (application for spouse) and/or birth certificate (application for child and parent) is needed as supporting document as proof of relationship with the Ordinary and Associate Member.

As the verification cannot be done real-time or immediately upon application, hence the collection of a duplicate copy is necessary for the Membership Department to conduct verification checks.

As your NRIC serves as your unique login ID, it is essential to provide it for registration and verification purposes in the interim while system enhancements are underway. The new changes will be implemented in early September to replace NRIC numbers with your registered mobile number as a field of identification.

We have ceased printing NRIC numbers on our co-brand card face since January 2018. If you are currently holding a valid membership card with NRIC number, please visit any of our clubhouses to exchange for a new card. No replacement fee required.

Adhering to regulation 27(1) of the Hotels Licensing Regulations, our accommodations must require every guest seeking accommodations at our Guest Rooms or Villas to furnish the full name and identification number in the NRIC held by the guest. Regulation 27(3) further provides that every guest must furnish such particulars when required to do so by the Organisation.

Adhering to regulation 22 of the Permit Conditions for Operating Fruit Machine, the Fruit Machine Room requires all members to include full name, date of birth, NRIC or relevant unique identification number and the date and time of his/her entry and exit from a Fruit Machine Room.


We update our Data Protection Policy (DPP) periodically to ensure that our standards and practices remain relevant, are up to date, comply with applicable laws and guidelines, as well as remain applicable to industry trends. The latest version of the DPP supersedes and replaces the earlier versions.

We assure you that we will undertake proper safeguarding measures to protect your personal data (including NRIC Numbers/FIN/Birth Certificate Numbers/Work Permit Numbers*) under our care.