Job Description

Responsible for overall operations of the relevant facility including but not limiting to Programme Facilitation, Logistic management, Housekeeping, Maintenance/ Repair and Security


Job Scopes

  • Planning of facility related programmers and activities, including booking of facilities among others.
  • Actual day set up of venue, programme flow and deployment programmes safety officers.
  • Conduct group administrative and safety briefing sessions with all the participants in a conducive environment.
  • Facilitate agreed programmes with quality service and achieve an overall favourable rating at the eightieth percentile (80%) for post-activity evaluation.
  • Provide contingency plans for wet weather programme, backup activities in case of certain programme mechanism failure, hazy air conditions, etc.
  • Compile and provide each participating with a photo album for archival purpose.
  • Regularly customize and tailor-make new and exciting experiential learning centric activities.
  • Maintain inventory of equipment, and ensure its good working condition.
  • Post activity evaluation and report.
  • Conduct regular risk and safety assessment on present and future facility related programmes
  • Perform regular inspection and maintenance on equipment conditions and conformance with safety procedures; updates emergency plans and procedures and assures yearly PE certifications for all of the Adventure Centre Elements.



  • At least GCE “O” level, N-Level, NITEC or Higher NITEC holder.
  • Have been working at least 1 year in the similar working experience and industry.
  • Passion and pleasant, and good customer service skill.
  • Good Communication Skill.