Here are 5 Reasons Why An Outdoor BBQ session is still the Best!

1. Vegetables taste 10x better when grilled

To all those picky eaters out there who would rather have their car ‘kena saman’ than have their tongues come close to a lady’s finger or carrot, BBQ may just be the way you will finally have your daily dose of veggies!

Just slice your vegetables thinly, let them sit on the grill for a little while until you turn them over to reveal charring along the bars (this means your vegetables will have that classic BBQ grilled look). Sprinkle over extra virgin olive oil and vinegar afterwards for that extra zest!

With their high juice content, the best vegetables to grill are:

• Eggplant.
• Bell Peppers.
• Radicchio.
• Tomatoes.
• Zucchini.
• Onions.
• Corn.

We know you’re salivating right now, so are we 😉

2. Chance to finally breathe in the outdoor air

Admit it, the closest you have been to ‘outdoors’ was with your face plastered to the television set while National Geographic was on!


We all know nothing sounds closer to heaven than spending the weekend indoors, slumped on the couch while satisfying Netflix cravings.

However, it is time to get those (burger) buns out, don the shades and face the great outdoors! To BBQ in a park where you can feel the breeze is a far healthier option than staying at home eating pre-fried Bak kwa or Deng Deng!

Finally, a reason to wear your sunglasses!


Not only that, the task of lifting the food ingredients and coal for the barbecue will help you burn calories. No weight gain for sure!


3. Lord of The Grill: Impress The Guests

It is safe to say that the grill is a special place for the host of the party to both entertain and feed guests.

So, if Justin Bieber can show off his skills on stages worldwide, YOU can show off your skills on the grill outside! Keep your guests interested by flipping patties, skewering meat and chopped vegetables together and seasoning food ‘Saltbae’ style!

…but no one does it better than Saltbae<3

Your friends and family are going to be awfully impressed by your skills and have an ONZ attitude towards cooking! Popularity points galore!

Your guests when you start imitating Saltbae too seriously

However, we DO recommend practicing at home before flinging food or cutlery into the air at the actual BBQ party! The guests’ safety are still important! Which brings us to the next point…


4. BBQ parties; keeping the fam close

We got the fire, we got the people and we definitely got the food. BBQ parties are a great way to bring people together even if it’s just for one day.

In fact, families and friends can be seen holding BBQ parties weekly at neighbourhood parks and recreational areas. A refreshing sight to see, especially with our fast-paced lifestyles.

This is considered bonding, right?

On top of that, the cooking doesn’t just have to be done by the host, it’s a shared responsibility that friends and family can take part in! Bonding over grilling, anyone?


5. Dishes to clean = 0

Unless you’re royalty or a silverware collector, it’s impossible to serve ALL your guests at a BBQ session food on ceramic plates and drinks in glasses. Thus, it’s safe to say that disposable plates and cups would be used most often at sessions like these.

…to avoid doing this!

Great! You don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen anymore, getting wrinkly fingers and hurting your eyes with splattered dish soap. Just throw away the disposable utensils into the dustbin and clean the grill.

Want to have a great time hosting a BBQ party? Go to to learn how you can have one at our Sembawang clubhouse!

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