Congratulations! You are a new HomeTeamNS member. If you think that our membership is just focused on promotions and deals, think again! Here are five crazy things you can do at HomeTeamNS clubhouses!

Conquer Singapore’s First Indoor Climbing Theme Park

Go on an exciting and colorful climbing adventure that will surely perk you up for the day! Clip ‘n Climb is Singapore’s first indoor climbing theme park located at Our Tampines Hub. With 19 challenges and different difficulty levels, you are never too late to join the climbing scene!

EXCLUSIVE MEMBERSHIP DEAL: Scale the walls for $18  for 90 minutes!

Bridget's Adventures

Going Wild Wild West

Who says there’s nothing to do at the West? I bet few of you have ever tried our Adventure Centre at HomeTeamNS Bukit Batok.  It’s filled with exhilarating high element facilities, rope courses, and zip lines! There are a variety of packages for you to choose from. Live Wild, Bro!

EXCLUSIVE MEMBERSHIP DEAL: You only pay $32.10 for each package!

Prawn Fishing for 24 hours!

Hai Bin Prawning at our Sembawang Clubhouse is open 24 hours just for you to catch prawns!  When it comes to “prawning”, you need patience, brains and certainly “prawns” (brawns)! Get it?

EXCLUSIVE MEMBERSHIP DEAL: Prawn for three hours at any time of the day for ONLY $33!

Learn how to SHOOT legally!

Put your marksman skills to the test over at the indoor Air Gun Shooting Range in the Bukit Batok Clubhouse! If your name is “Bobo”, you might not fit into the Air Gun Interest Group.

EXCLUSIVE MEMBER DEAL: $40 for the first block of shooting, followed by $30 for the next additional 30 minutes!

Mission Possible

Use your member’s card and go on a mission at the Laser Quest Arena over at the Tampines Clubhouse!  Laser Quest is definitely an exciting activity to play with your friends. Run, hide and duck in missions and shoot your opponents! It is definitely more exciting when you show your membership card at the counter.

EXCLUSIVE MEMBERSHIP DEAL: $10 a mission, $18 for two missions and $24 for three!

The Fun Social: Laser Quest HomeTeamNS @ Our Tampines Hub

Just remember to bring along your membership card and flash it over at the counter to enjoy these deals. If you feel like you are missing out too much not being a member, what are you waiting for? Sign up to be a member today!