Just a little information  about World Heart Day; It is celebrated  every year across the world to bring attention  and fight against heart diseases and strokes, the leading cause of death worldwide! This year, it falls on the 29th September 2017.


Here’s a list of things you can do to celebrate the week of World Heart Day. Or even better, make it a daily routine instead!

1) Go for a swim! <3

Swimming is one of the many exercises to help prevent heart diseases.  With just a minimum of 30 minutes, three times a week, it’ll help to lower you blood pressure/ Swimming also aids in maintaining you blood cholesterol level.

Jump into any of our swimming pools at our clubhouses ( Bukit Batok, Sembawang and Balestier) and swim away!

Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday: 8am – 9.30pm

*Tuesdays:  10am – 9.30pm

2) Breathe in, Breathe out <3

Any form of physical exercise that encourages you to breathe in and out deeply will assist you in promoting blood flow and lower your blood levels. Aerobic classes are common exercise that people take up to prevent or cope with heart diseases physically.

If you love to move alone to the beat and groove, you can consider aerobic classes such as Zumba and Line Dancing.

If you want something more relaxed and calming and slow then you may want to look at yoga or pilates classes.

Sign up for a class and bring a friend along! The classes mentioned above are available at our clubhouses (Bukit Batok & Balestier).

3) Huddle up your friends! <3

Gather the squad! Exercising alone can get a little boring. Pull your friends along this World Heart Day and book a court where all of you can work your heart muscles out together!

We have multi-purpose courts and halls where you can get your game own! Varying from Basketball to badminton to Tennis and more!

Multi-purpose courts & Hall: Balestier Clubhouse

Tennis Courts: Balestier & Bukit Batok Clubhouse

Wanna take it to the next level? Battle it out with your friends over a game of Laser Quest or find your way around the Challenge Cubes or climb out to top at the Clip n Climb! These activities will definitely get your heart pumping!


Laser Quest: Tampines & Bukit Batok Clubhouse

Challenge Cubes: Bukit Batok Clubhouse

Clip n Climb: Tampines Clubhouse

4) It’s not a celebration without
F O O D <3

Treat yourself to meal that nourishes your body. Aside from physical activities, watching what you eat is super important in preventing heart diseases and lowering your cholesterol levels.

Yes, you’ve heard the usual such as  having  plenty of fruits & vegetables, consuming  lesser salt and sugar but what you may not have head is avoiding red meat in some meals and including more fish (oily fish) in your meals!

Check out our cafes in our clubhouses and treat yourself to a heart-disease-friendly meal.

Fix Café – 11am -10pm (Balestier Clubhouse)

Mooks Thais Bistro – 11am- 12am (Bukit Batok Clubhouse)

D.U.I.T Makan Place – 11am-11pm (Sembawang Clubhouse)

I AM Café – 11am-11pm (Tampines Clubhouse)

5) Have a Heart <3.

17.3 million Lives are claimed each year due to heart diseases and strokes. Lets bring the numbers down and celebrate World Heart Day by sharing the love and spreading the message. Educate someone on heart disease and strokes today.  Happy World Heart Day!

For more information on World Heart Day:


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