Core-Strengthening Exercises

Even though the event involves a lot of running, runners should not forget about the importance of core exercises. Out of the many other exercises, core exercises such as sit-ups and crunches are the most important.

It will help improve your posture, especially when you will be running on sand in the latter part of the race. A conditioned core will also prevent your energy from draining away as you strive through the 10km marathon. Thus, you will run faster amidst all the obstacles.

Mahadhir strongly recommends working out at least three days a week.

Here are a few workouts which will help you get that strong core that you need for the long run.

Example of Core Workouts

1. Frog sit-ups (1 set of 30 seconds + 15 seconds rest)


A. Lie on the floor with knees bent and your hands behind your head.
B. Put the soles of your feet together.
C. Breathe out as you slowly crunch your body to bring your chest to your knees, then return to start.

*Quick Tip: Keep your hands firm behind your head, do not pull on your neck with your hands or draw your elbows in.

2. Reverse Crunch (3 sets of 10-15 reps)

screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-2-51-36-pmA. Lie on the floor with knees bent and hands flat on the floor.
B. Slowly lift your body up to bring your knees and chest together at the same time, while keeping your hands flat on the floor. Then return to start.

3. Hands over Head Crunches (1 set of 30 seconds + 15 seconds rest)


A. Lie on the floor with knees bent and form a triangle with your index fingers and thumbs over your head.
B. Breathe out as you slowly crunch your body to bring your knees and chest together at the same time, then return to start.

*Quick Tip: Perform your core exercises in the correct form because bad forms or habits will lead to lack of progress and/or injury.

Carry light weights

On days that you do not focus on cardio, you can try carrying light weights as it will help to increase your strength and build muscles which will help you in the long distance multi-terrain run.

1. Dumbbell Curls (1 set of 30 seconds + 15 seconds rest)

screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-2-59-30-pmA. Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and dumbbell in each hand.
B. Bend arms at elbows to bring weights to side of head, and then straighten them back to start.

2. Side Bends (1 set of 30 seconds + 15 seconds rest)


A. Stand up straight with feet shoulder-width apart while holding a dumbbell on the left hand (palms facing the torso) as you have the right hand holding your waist.
B. While keeping your back straight and head up, bend only at the waist to the right. Breathe in as you bend to the side. Hold for a second and return to the starting position as you exhale.
C. Now repeat the movement but bending to the left instead.

*Quick Tip: If you choose to lift them, try to do it on your non-running days. Or else, your muscles will tighten and you may find it uncomfortable to run.

 3. Incline run on treadmills

Running can also be done on treadmill, to anticipate the various unexpected slopes at Sentosa.

Mahadhir recommends increasing the inclination because the multi-terrain run will involve running up and down the road and trail. Thus, this would teach and train your body to achieve the perfect stride, in time for REAL Run.

Since there’s no wind to fight against in the gym, bringing up the incline will better stimulate the challenge of running outside and will help in building your muscles.


Fun Fact: The incline of a hill is measured as a percentage, so are treadmills. So when you increase the level on the incline to 2, it means you are running at 2% incline. Slopes in the multi-terrain run will vary in length and incline.

To set the inclination, it is based on a person’s body weight, height and the percentage of incline. If you are unsure of how you should set the inclination, approach our capable gym facilitators for advice.

Quick Tip: Start with lower inclination and build it up gradually as it might overdo the muscles pounding, leading to an injury.


We hope these three simple yet effective ways will be able to help you prepare for the upcoming HomeTeamNS REAL Run 2015 HERO Series. We look forward to seeing you on 17 May!

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