2D1N Batu Pahat & Kluang

Auto Adventure: 2D1N Road Trip to Batu Pahat & Kluang

  • 12 March to 13 March
  • Batu Pahat & Kluang, Malaysia

“It’s truly a memorable holiday and great expedition experience for all in this 2D1N food trails which also include Nature Park and Factory Tour”, said Mr Ow Yong Tuck Wah of car 21.

Yet another successful Auto-venture trip was executed by AAIG over the weekend to Kluang & Batu Pahat from 12-13 March 2016. Mr Wilfred graced the event as the VIP at the break of dawn. He wished the 40 participants a safe journey and also flagged off the convoy of 11 cars at 0545 hr.

After breakfast at Gelang Patah, the convoy headed straight to the first stop at Kluang coffee factory. A guided tour on the coffee production and packaging were conducted. Many participants shop for their favourite blend and also enjoyed the freshly brewed coffee with biscuit.

After lunch at Botak curry mee, a trekking team of 17 participants went to the Gunung Lambak Nature Park which lasted 2 hours, whilst the rest to the Yuen Fatt biscuit factory and Kluang shopping mall.

“I actually wished to conquer the summit, but it was too challenging for us”, said senior elder Mr Tan Kwang Chiar.

In the evening, a lucky draw was conducted for the participants followed by a sumptuous dinner at Cin Cin Restaurant. Some even had supper at the Yean Kee beef restaurant and delicious local satay at Tan Ching Heng hawker centre.

The convoy checked in at Kluang GL hotel for the night. The next morning, the convoy visited to the Kluang Railway Station and had a good local breakfast there.

“Even though the coffee place is packed with people, I found the butter and kaya burger, spicy mee hoon, nasi lemak, mee siam and the kampong chicken egg best, which we shared and it brings back fond memories of my younger kampong days “, quipped Mr Koh, who was a close friend of Danny Wee.

The convoy also stopped by for some dessert and local goodies at the Putu Bambu Special Juriah shop located at Ayer Hitam, Batu Pahat. Next, the convoy had a great seafood lunch at Ship Village Seafood next to the fishery port, Batu Pahat.

“My family enjoyed the great food, campanionship and fun, its far exceeded what we have expected for”, a satisfied Mr Wang Choon Keong exclaimed.

Another highlight was the visit to the Batu Pahat well, where its name originated. The well was dug in the fifteen century by the Siamese soldiers in their search for fresh water whilst fightingagainst the Malaccan troop, using chisel on the hard rocks, hence the name Batu Pahat in Malay.

Enroute from Batu Pahat to Pontain-rengit, the convoy stop by a local bread shop and Azhar Food outlet for more shopping. The convoy then headed back to Sgp safely in the evening.

Indeed a fruitful & well deserved weekend getaway for all theparticipants & family members, and some are already asking the AAIG team: ‘when will be the next trip and where?’

Edwin Ang, Chairman, Auto Adventure Interest Group