0.38 Shooting Competition

The weapon of choice – Taurus 0.38 Revolver. The 0.38 Shooting Competition tests on the participants’ weapon proficiency, shooting accuracy and speed. Zero in on the shooters, and watch them let loose the rounds down range!

Roll-of-Honours 2015 – 2016

Sharp Shooter DSP (NS) Lim Mong Yong (PCG) 247
SPF Champion PCG Team A 725
SPF 1st Runner-Up PROCOM Team 1 708
SPF 2nd Runner-Up TRACOM Shooters 1 702
SCDF Champion MAJ (NS) Su Caizheng (3DIV) 200
SCDF 1st Runner-Up NSF CPL Andrew Kenn 185
SCDF 2nd Runner-Up NSF SGT Brandon Ruseel (NSTI) 17

The 0.38 Shooting Competition is a MSD event, which is held annually for the divisions. Do enquire with your division, or email joe_sim@hometeamns.sg if you wish to participate in the event.